The best Shopify apps

You run an e‑commerce shop on Shopify and are considering adding some apps to improve it. So far, so good.

But when you get started, you find out there’s a gazillion of them. And you simply don’t have the time to try each and every one of them, of course.

Since we know that managing an online store can be time-consuming, we’ve decided to make things easy on you – we’ve curated a list of the best Shopify apps for e‑commerce.

Don’t waste your time! We’ve already done the searching and sorting for you. Without further ado, here are the top rated and most interesting apps for your e‑commerce!


Let’s go! 😉

👉 The best Shopify apps to improve your conversion rate, save time and optimize your store

If you have a store on Shopify, you may already know how useful apps (also called ‘plugins’ or ‘extensions’ by other CMSs) can be by adding extra functionality to the default platform.

Since it’s a long list, we’ve sorted them into different categories based on what they’re used for to make it simpler for you to find what you really need. 

Here they are.

✅ A. The best Shopify apps to increase conversion

Suppose you’ve already installed the SEO-enhancing apps and your shop’s getting lots of traffic. The next step is to turn those visitors into clients, so here are some apps that will give you and your store an extra push.

➡️ 1. Doofinder (the smart search engine)

How can a search engine improve a store’s conversion?

As far as Doofinder is concerned, it features some functionality that makes it special:

  • Smart search: With the help of NLP technology (a kind of artificial intelligence), it is capable of processing language in a natural way. This enables Doofinder to, for example, use synonyms and interpret typos to process the queries and understand what the user is looking for.
  • Personalized results: Customers are shown different results based on their preferences and behavior. Dynamic content has been proven to enhance conversion as it gives users exactly what they’re after in every search.  
  • It promotes your products: If there’s a product you’d like to stand out from the rest, Doofinder will give it priority by showing it in specific searches.

Sound good? Eager to test it out?

Here’s a 30-day free trial to see that conversion boost for yourself!

And to get you better acquainted with it, here’s a video where Neil Patel (a worldwide marketing authority) talks about Doofinder and how it can increase sales in your e‑commerce by 20%.

➡️ 2. Free Shipping Bar

In general, free shipping helps increase sales in every business. But in order for this to work, you must advertise it properly.

This app allows you to promote your free shipping offer by creating a header bar placed at the top of your site.


So what’s the advantage here?

As we’ve just said, offering free shipping can have a very positive impact on your clients – as long as they find the minimum expense fair.

But not only that – it’s also going to help you retain potential clients.

Surely this has happened to you. You’re visiting an online store and, at first sight, you don’t see the shipping costs or the minimum spend to trigger free shipping. In most cases, if you don’t find that information quickly, you just leave without buying anything.

But that can be prevented by having this bar in a visible place.

The paid version shows the terms and conditions for free shipping depending on the user’s location, thus offering more personalized content.

➡️ 3. (social proof through product reviews)

When shopping online, people tend to pay attention to product reviews. And the more positive (and numerous) they are, the more willing they are to complete a purchase. offers you more efficient product review management.


This is the perfect app to compile all your customer reviews and show them off to the public (the app lets you do both things). Furthermore, you decide how you want ratings to appear on your page with its highly customizable and varied templates.

In short, you’ll strengthen your social proof – an essential component to increasing conversion.

➡️ 4. Privy (transforming popups)

Privy helps you find subscribers, increase your store’s conversion, and foster loyalty among your clients. To do so, it resorts to certain elements such as popups or emails that include, among others:

However, the free version doesn’t allow you to send emails and there’s a limit of 5,000 visits to the page for popups.

Luckily, there’s a 15‑day free trial so you can always give it a shot and decide whether you’re going with one of their paid plans or sticking to the free version once the trial’s over.

✅ B. The best Shopify apps for SEO

Not only will these apps help your store rank higher with SEO, but they will also save you lots of time by automating certain tasks.

➡️ 5. Plug in SEO Optimizer

It’s often compared with WordPress’s Yoast SEO plugin.


The free version is quite complete on its own as it helps you spot errors hindering your positioning so you can sort them out right away. For example, it informs you of possible broken links as well as unoptimized product card titles or pages.

It also checks other aspects potentially detrimental to your web positioning, including:

The biggest difference from the paid version is that the latter doesn’t just “warn” you; it also makes some adjustments for you automatically.

➡️ 6. Bulk Image Edit

An app with a really high average rating that takes care of everything related to image SEO optimization.


The free version features great functionality, including:

  • Optimization of your images’ ALT tags
  • Compression of images to improve the website’s loading speed

And while this is more a question of esthetics, the app also allows you to resize images to give them all the same predefined size.

✅ C. The best design (and editing) Shopify apps

Not all stores can afford to hire a web designer or someone to edit their videos.

No biggie; apps can do that. Of course, the end products aren’t the same as if you hired a professional, but they’re fairly decent.

Take a look at these 2 apps.

➡️ 7. PageFly Landing Page Builder (design pages like a pro)

This app’s quite handy for simple web design without expert knowledge of computing or designing. It features customizable templates that fit all kinds of e‑commerce stores and they allow you to create:

  • Product pages
  • “Order placed” pages
  • About me
  • Contact
  • And many more!

However, the free version is limited in terms of the maximum number of pages available for each kind.

➡️  8. Vimeo Create (create flashy videos)

A picture is worth a thousand words… so just imagine what a video must be worth!

It’s the perfect format to show off and make users fall in love with your products. But, of course, if the video seems kind of janky, it could backfire.

This is a completely free app that can help you make a professional-looking video in just a few minutes.

It’s at least worth a quick look, right?

✅ D. Loyalty apps

Closing a sale is not the end of the road.

You should also try to get clients to buy from you again. In other words, you should foster loyalty among them. These 2 apps will prove useful for this.

➡️ 9. ReConvert Upsell & Cross Sell (to create “thank you” pages)

This app allows you to create “thank you” pages for when clients make a purchase.

Unimportant as it may seem, this can make customers buy from you again – as long as you don’t settle for something as simple as “thanks for your order!” This app helps you make the most of your purchase confirmation page by allowing you to include:

  • Related product suggestions
  • Discount coupons for future orders
  • A box for clients to type in their birthday (so they can be sent a small gift or special offer as the day gets closer)

This has been shown to increase customer retention rates.

The thing is, when people buy from you, it’s because they like what your shop has to offer. Wouldn’t they be willing to buy again if they got 20% off their next order, for example?

Bear in mind this app is only free for 50 orders a month. From then on, you’ll need to consider whether its paid version’s worth the cost.

➡️ 10. Referral Candy

Referral Candy offers buyers a reward for recommending the store to a friend.

This may come in the form of discounts, vouchers, or a gift in the next order. This will not only help you get new customers, but also foster loyalty among old clients.

The app also provides you with metrics on the number of recommendations made (as well as on purchases made from those recommendations) and takes care of the whole process.

It’s a paid app, but it has a 30‑day free trial.

👉 Which Shopify apps are you going to use?

We’re sure with this list, you’re on your way to knowing which Shopify apps are best for your online store.

Whichever you choose, we hope they’ll help you sell more and save time. And, if you don’t get to like them, this list is still a good starting point for you to keep on searching until you find the right ones to optimize your store.

Go get them! 😉