15 Tips to Improve Your Online Travel Portal

If there is a sector in which competition for new customers is fierce this is certainly the online travel portals and agencies .

Day by day we see new pages that try to attract the attention of network users through offers, promotions, discounts, experience packs and a handful of strategies that make it very difficult to maintain customers loyalty .

But don’t get alarmed! Today we bring you 15 tips that will save you from competitors.

1. Prevent having a loading time longer than 3 seconds in your web and displaying any error so that users don’t leave .

2. Your website should be visible regardless of the device used.

3. You can create your own web application to facilitate mobile browsing on your site . To enhance its use create exclusive deals for those who install it.

4. Your website is your cover letter so you should take care to maximize the visual appearance using colors , typography and attention calls that best fit the message you want to transmit .

5. Incorporate a fast, easy to use and intuitive search engine that allows cataloging your services and products. If you still don’t have one , take advantage of the free 30-day trial that we offer in Doofinder .

6. You must be very careful with your product descriptions . Provide reliable data and accurate information. Be creative and , of course , original.

7. It is essential you employ your own high-quality pictures . Also, using videos is the best way to bring up emotions in the user so you should complement your descriptions with this type of multimedia content.

8. Your blog should be a tool to offer your experience, show your knowledge and, above it all , to advise your potential customers . Use a clear, easy to understand language, concise and direct . Seem close to the customer and take advantage of keywords for better positioning.

9. It is very important that you post regularly on your social networks and foment interaction in them through contests and raffles.

10. If something is unforgivable nowadays is not offering different payment methods for the customer to choose which one is most interesting and comfortable.

11. Do not forget to reward those who invest their time in evaluating your website or your services . If they get rewarded they will probably trust in you again and even recommend you to others.

12. A good option to differ yourself from your competitors is to allow the user to do the final configuration of their trip . Make them feel it will be unique and unforgettable.

13. Offer complementary services that minimize the effort that the customer has to do to make their getaway perfect. Rental cars, airport pickup or landmarks ticket purchase are just some of the features that you can put at the reach of their fingertips.

14. Decide if you want to be present in different comparison sites and search engines that exist in the market and boost your presence in them.

15. Finally ,and the most important : Specialize in what you do . There are thousands of agencies selling all kinds of trips but very few are offering details , experiences, tips and tricks that really help the consumer to know everything before deciding which is his next destination . These are just some of the tips you can implement to increase sales in your travel portal and get your customers loyalty . Don’t waste time and make this summer your summer.