Tutorial: Custom Sorting, your search engine’s new utility

We are gradually introducing new features to our search engine to provide it with all necessary features so that the quality of the search for your potential customers doesn’t  stop increasing .

One of the latest innovations that we have introduced and that you can check in your Doofinder control panel are the custom sorting , a new way to decide the order in which your online shop products must appear .

Do you want to know more about what custom sorting is and learn to incorporate it into your web browser? Just continue reading.

Regularly, the products in your online store are displayed based on an algorithm that gives them a certain score or score order , but what happens when two or more products have the same score?

So far, the way to change this tie was to change these products scores through boosting. To further facilitate this process and not have to change your products score , we have created the custom sorting.

These allow you to set the order of appearance of products with other different categories of punctuation , such as price, color, size, etc. and decide what criteria you want to follow first, as perhaps you might not care about the score but, for example, the stock you have available at that time.

But before putting them into your search engine you need to know how they interact with the Custom Results you may have active to modify natural search results.

The custom results are used to determine which products we want to appear or not to a given search term and these will always have priority, this way your custom results will not be changed by the custom sorting . If you want, besides the selected results for your custom products the other products are shown in the order that you choose with the custom sorting.

Learn to use custom sorting and integrating it with your custom results in this tutorial :