Find out what the new version 7 of the doofinder layer means for your ecommerce

From a few days ago, the default doofinder layer installed for any new search engine is now version 7.

Even though at an aesthetic level it does not seem a lot has changed, with version 7 of the layer we have conducted deep changes of the code, both to troubleshoot problems from previous versions, and to add new features and internal improvements.

¿Why update?

  • We have added widgets for colour and size (or whatever else you wish to show as a grid option).
  • The price slider has been updated, improving the CSS so that it is easier to interact with, also available for mobile devices.
  • We have improved the templates and the CSS in general.
  • We have included options to make the insertion of the layer into the site more flexible.
  • The API Javascript of the layer is better and now it is easy to interact with it by programming.
  • It is now possible have statistics for banners you create (views and clicks) as well as redirections (executions).
  • And as a highlight, the classic layer allows you to save the most recent searches to suggest them in future searches.
  • And if you did not update to version 6, remember that version 7 maintains the possibility of using the same search filters available in the desktop version in the mobile version of the layer.

As usually the layer is available in two styles: Classic and Fullscreen. Choose one or the other depending on how you want to show the doofinder results: as a floating layer dependent on the search box of your web, or a layer filling the whole window of the browser, for a search experience without distractions.

What are you waiting to set up version 7?

You don’t know how? All the instructions to set up your new layer in this post.