Personalized Search for e-Commerce. Artificial intelligence for your business

Doofinder has released the personalized search feature. This feature that was previously exclusive to enterprise customers has been improved and is now accessible for all online shops without limitations.

You can directly integrate true 1:1 personalization into your site search with just one click and no custom development. It’s not a secret: A more personal approach within the search simply increases conversion rates – take advantage now and find out more!

Version AI, more than just “search”: personalized user experiences

Use a more personal approach to connect with your customers! Version AI brings personalized search functionalities into your store:

Personalized Search in real-time

We analyze every single customer individual user behavior leading to valuable and detailed profile data of your customers. We use these GDPR compliant profiles to determine product preferences and user intents for each individual shopper in real-time to always display the most relevant and individual search results. Every customer will have its very own and personalized results, based on and growing with their individual user preferences, while still respecting their privacy.

Product Attractiveness Algorithm that permanently boosts products

Our proprietary attractiveness algorithm permanently boosts products by their individual conversion potential. While conventional top sellers only use positive and potentially old or obsolete user signals, our attractiveness utilizes a wide variety of relevant interactions, which even respects the number of necessary touchpoints until conversion as well as negative signals. This eventually adds another layer for consistently boosting your real top sellers including seasonal or viral trends and without any manual effort.

Advanced Natural Language Processing (NLP) Technology

Many technologies fail, especially when it comes to complex semantic search queries. Thanks to our advanced natural language processing (NLP) technology, we get even more relevant insights into the individual search queries. With this technology, complex searches like “a new iphone under 800 euros” will only display Apple iPhones under EUR 800.00 and no phone cases, other brands or other more generic results.

How does the Doofinder Version AI work?

Version AI is based on an integrated tracking solution. The users are identified by a surrogate session ID and the tracking works without having to rely on IP addresses. In detail we gather:

  • Activated filters and sorting options
  • Preferences (i.e.: brands, gender, colors, sizes)
  • Viewed products
  • Clicked products
  • Shopping carts
  • Purchased products

All these components eventually lead to custom-tailored search experience, while having an integrated perspective on each customer. Just think of a shopping assistant in your local mall, just that we know even more about you, your business and your customers’ needs. We continuously keep on learning, while always respecting your data privacy.

“Sounds good – I need to test this. What do I have to do?”


You just have to make minimal changes to your Doofinder layer snippet (JavaScript). For any questions contact us:

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