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«The search function
is essential»

For 25 years, Transpack Krumbach, as an owner-run,
medium-sized company, has been supplying customers in Bavaria and Baden-Württemberg, throughout Germany and across the borders of the whole of Europe. Its focus areas are transport packaging and load securing for industry, retail and trade.

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What brought you to improve the search on the site?

«Our customers expect a strictly B2B shop from us, the same service as, for example, with private online purchases. Therefore, the search function is essential. We were looking for a software with a fast, fault-tolerant autocomplete function that would also display our important content. The results of the preview should not differ from the results of the search results page, as this previously confused our customers and we lost them»

Doofinder’s numbers


Optimized search


22% increase in click rate


Native Installation via Search API


They search.They find. You sell.

«Doofinder enhances the onsite search engine of over 10,000 ecommerce sites, why not yours? Try it for free for 30 days».



How has the search on your eCommerce changed?

“DooFinder allows for an easy search through products and content, such as glossary, info pages or blog articles. This way, for instance, it allows the search for categories or content to be optimized independently of the actual product search. Each section of the search learns independently from the click pattern and can be controlled or optimized separately. The multi-index search allows everyone to find the right product. DooFinder results also feed the search results page. The results are identical without compromising performance.”

Rene Altmann Marketing Manager Transpack Krumbach

Integrate Doofinder
into any platform

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