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«If the search does not work, you lose baskets!»

YPO supplies products and services to a wide range of customers including schools, local authorities, charities,
emergency services, public sector and other businesses such as nurseries and care homes.

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What led you to deciding to improve the site search?

Our website search was to put it nicely, lacking. Irrelevant results, poor feedback, high bounce rates and the likes were highly frustrating not only for our customers, but us too. If we were not happy, our customers certainly wouldn’t have been happy, and we pride ourselves on our customer service. Search was a consistent pain point of customers and kept cropping up regularly in feedback and complaints.

How was the installation process with Doofinder?

The installation took a few weeks, not down to Doofinder, but we had to find a way to provide product data to Doofinder in a certain format. We have to extract the data from an internal database, add some queries to this to ensure that the products are live and are
meant to be searchable. Once we had this in place, putting Doofinder live was as simple as adding the JavaScript to our website code and it worked straight away!

What you like about Doofinder and how it meets your requirements?

“The free trial allowed us to test this on our test site and build up a layer that would suit our go live requirements and ensure we came up with a solution for providing the data into the Doofinder engine. “

  • The ease of implementation for the basic layer was very pleasing.
  • The search results speed is fantastic
  • The AI/ML elements of Doofinder ensure our results are relevant based on the scoring system.

Doofinder’s numbers


Sessions with search has increased by 5%


E-Commerce Conversion rate has increased by 6% year on year


The overall customer experience is better for the visitors to the website.


The importance and impact of site search for you

«Site search is massively important when you have an E-Commerce website, and search (at least on the YPO website), leads to approximately (and now increasing) 50% of our baskets built. If the search does not work, you lose baskets!».



What are your future plans and objectives?

“Our future plans and objectives in relation to site search is to integrate it further with the YPO data and make the layer be part of the website. This is an exciting approach, we have already amended certain parts of the template layer to be more on YPO’s branding, but we’d like it to feel native to our website. As for the product data, we want to send data changes faster, so making sure Doofinder has access to our correct data on a more regular basis is on our to do list. We plan to look further into the available API and see how we can make full use out of that.”

David O’Brien E-commerce Director at YPO.

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