Customer Story
That’s how Prénatal boosted their eCommerce site’s UX

Three features were key to achieving this improvement:
boosting rules, faceted search and redirections.


Prénatal, a childcare and children’s fashion eCommerce with more than 60 years’ experience in the sector, achieved a truly significant boost by complementing its online store with an advanced Site Search. Their platform’s default Site Search failed to meet expectations: the results were not entirely relevant, and the loading speed did not offer the best user experience.

“We needed to find a smart Site Search for our online store and opted to look for a Plug & Play partner; Doofinder was the best solution”.
– Davide Rampinelli, eCommerce Manager.

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Boosting your eCommerce site’s UX represents a qualitative leap for your business.

Discover all the features Doofinder offers to improve this and significantly increase conversion.


Success stories

Don’t just take it from us 😉

“From the very beginning, we’ve noticed an improvement in the conversion rate”

Doofinder helped us increase our conversion rate by 16%.

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“People were discovering and buying products which previously weren’t on their radar.”

There was an instant transition from typical navigation to utilizing the search functionality.

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“We’ve noticed an increase in user engagement with the search bar”

Doofinder’s search and discovery engine ensures a frictionless user experience.

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“Our site search learns from each customer”

Thanks to AI, they offer an improved and unique customer journey which adapts to the individual preferences of each user.

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“Our catalogue is 100% managed in real time”

Doofinder provides a complete and instantly-updated search experience.

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“Our search bar’s conversion rate is about 20%”

They have increased their conversion rate and decreased the bounce rate of their online store with Doofinder.

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