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Success Stories

See the case studies from companies that have increased their conversion rates, the average price of their orders, and other improvements thanks to Doofinder.


“From the very beginning, we’ve noticed an improvement in the conversion rate”

Doofinder helped us increase our conversion rate by 16%.

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“People were discovering and buying products which previously weren’t on their radar.”

There was an instant transition from typical navigation to utilizing the search functionality.

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“We’ve noticed an increase in user engagement with the search bar”

Doofinder’s search and discovery engine ensures a frictionless user experience.

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“Our site search learns from each customer”

Thanks to AI, they offer an improved and unique customer journey which adapts to the individual preferences of each user.

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“Our catalogue is 100% managed in real time”

Doofinder provides a complete and instantly-updated search experience.

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“The UX of our eCommerce has been boosted”

Its functionalities have helped us to create an environment that invites users to discover and interact with the products.

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“Our search bar’s conversion rate is about 20%”

They have increased their conversion rate and decreased the bounce rate of their online store with Doofinder.

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We can adapt our search technology to any eCommerce site.

See the results of Doofinder implementations in our customers’ eCommerce sites.



Some of our clients tell us how Doofinder has improved their eCommerce site.

comentario fondoclaro

Corrosion Technologies

“Superior customer services and full-function, AI powered search engine. One of the things that really sets Doofinder apart is their willingness to walk you through the install and do much of the customizations for you. Were able to get up and running in no time.”

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“Our experience with Doofinder has been very positive. We knew in advance about the advantages of a powerful internal site search, but we were surprised to see user experience improve so much. I would like to highlight the dedication and attention we have received from the entire Doofinder team. Any doubts or suggestions are dealt with in the same day. Excellent customer service.”

comentario fondoclaro

Total Finishing Supplies

“We have thousands of active products on our site. Navigation had been a challenge we faced for a long time. DooFinder had immediate and significant positive impact on search and site navigation for our customers, increasing sales and conversions. Support is knowledgeable and responsive. We’re implementing other included resources. Wish we had found them sooner and HIGHLY recommend DooFinder.”

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