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Success stories

See the case studies from companies that have increased their conversion rates, the average price of their orders, and other improvements
thanks to Doofinder.

“Our search bar’s conversion rate is about 20%”

They have increased their conversion rate and decreased the bounce rate of their online store with Doofinder.


“The UX of our eCommerce has been boosted”

Its functionalities have helped us to create an environment that invites users to discover and interact with the products.


“Our catalogue is 100% managed in real time”

Doofinder provides a complete and instantly-updated search experience.


“Our site search learns from each customer”

Thanks to AI, they offer an improved and unique customer journey which adapts to the individual preferences of each user.


We can adapt our search technology to any eCommerce site.

See the results of Doofinder implementations in our customers’ eCommerce sites.



Some of our clients tell us how Doofinder has improved their eCommerce site.

Clara Sbraccia

eCommerce Manager
at Fashion Eyewear

«Installing Doofinder has made a huge difference to our search results and the way customers find our products. We rely heavily on search, as a lot of our customers come to us with the product code in hand, already knowing what they’re looking for. The fact that they can easily find the product they’re after with a simple search has truly helped our conversion rate! It’s very easy to install, requiring little to no development, and provides a great overall customer experience.»

Raquel Cortázar

Marketing Manager at

«Our experience with Doofinder has been very positive. We knew in advance about the advantages of a powerful internal site search, but we were surprised to see user experience improve so much. I would like to highlight the dedication and attention we have received from the entire Doofinder team. Any doubts or suggestions are dealt with in the same day. Excellent customer service. »

Mauri Badia

Founder at

«When we look for a new technological tool, above all we look for it to be easy in all senses. Easy for us to manage and easy for the customer. A company that really offers what they say they offer but in a simple and intuitive way. Doofinder has it all.
The great advantage of Doofinder is that it does what it says it does. It allows you to search for products in a simple and effective way. »

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