Doofinder vs. Algolia:
A Comparison Of Their Search & Discovery Technologies

Doofinder's Search & Discovery Solution leverages AI to connect shoppers with products, your conversion rate from day one.

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Doofinder vs. Algolia:
How They Compare

Plug & Play Connector
Semantic Search
NLP Search
No-Code Searchandising
Yes, but it requires coding for most features
No-Code Promotional Banners 
Yes, but it requires coding
AI Guided Search
Enable Multiple Ways to Search without Coding
Customize the Search Layout without Coding
Customize Product Cards without Coding
AI Product Image Tagging without Coding
Yes, but it requires coding
No-Code Recommendation Carousels
Flexibility for Advanced Customizations with Code
Geo-Located Search
Real-Time Analytics

Why do eCommerce industry leaders choose Doofinder over Algolia?

Installation & Setup

Doofinder’s installation is flexible, fast, and easy. It can be installed in multiple ways, all of them in just a couple of minutes:

  • Plug & play connectors with eCommerce platforms
  • Via Google Tag Manager
  • By directly adding the script to your website & connecting it via API

Once Doofinder is installed, even without adjusting any settings, you’ll start to see improvements in your search results.

Algolia requires a complex and technical installation and setup process to get it up and running.

Configurable Search Layout

Doofinder makes it easy for you to customize the search interface to the look and feel of your site. You can select the type of layout you want, choose how filters show up including attributes grouping, and personalize product cards with discount tags, add-to-cart buttons, availability tags, and more.

With Algolia you’ll need technical assistance from a developer or specialized agency to customize the appearance of the search interface.


With Doofinder, you can set up rules to organize your products and reach your sales or stock targets. Decide which products show up first, later, or don’t show up at all in search results based on what you want.

Enhance your merchandising plan by quickly adding banners to highlight promotions or new products. This helps customers discover products more easily.

It’s true that Algoila now has a visual merchandising interface, but it only covers the most basic search rules. If you want to set up more advanced merchandising features or add banners, you’ll need to do some coding.

AI Guided Search

When you have a big catalog and lots of different categories, Doofinder makes it easy for shoppers to find what they’re looking for. They use visual smart filters that appear at the top of the search results. And the best part? You can turn it on with just one click, and the AI takes care of the rest!

With Algolia, assisting shoppers in navigating through your catalog is limited to displaying the most popular filters at the top of the search results, without any visual support. Plus, once again, you’ll have to do some coding to set it up!

Recommendations carousels

Display product recommendations carousels on your home page and product detail pages without any coding. Just add the carousel to the pages where you want it to appear, and turn them on.

Setting recommendations up in Algolia requires a developer and several hours of implementation.

Multiple ways to search

Let customers search the way they want—whether it’s by text, voice, or image. Simply click a button to activate voice and image search, and choose whether they appear on any device, only mobile, or only desktop.

This can also be done in Algolia but, again, it requires coding.