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Doofinder provides advanced AI-powered search solutions, specifically designed to meet your enterprise needs.

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AI-POWERED SEARCH & DISCOVERY Discover the Future of Search Doofinder’s AI-powered search and discovery solution delivers exceptionally fast and relevant results as well as valuable business insights.
FLEXIBLE INSTALLATION Seamless Integration, Endless Innovation Doofinder prioritizes seamless integration, powered by a robust API for quick and flexible implementation, allowing you to instantly upgrade your search results.
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ROBUST ANALYTICS Actionable Insights for Business Growth Our innovative enterprise platform empowers you to better understand your customers’ behavior with real-time analytics, while also offering a personalized search experience that’s tailored to each customer.
SCALABILITY WITHIN REACH Maximize Profit, Minimize Expenses Our flexible subscription model provides you with an impactful, dynamic, and cost-effective enterprise search solution that adjusts to your business’s growth and needs over time.

Enabling Search Beyond Boundaries

Key features for Next-Level Discovery

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Benefit from our scalable and affordable solution with a flexible subscription model. Our platform adjusts to your business’ size and needs, providing you with an advanced search solution that’s always within reach.

We provide localized and personalized service to ensure your needs are met efficiently. Our team of experts is always ready to assist and guide you, facilitating the entire process.

Dynamic product discovery with text, voice & visual search that enables your customers to easily browse your product catalog, including intuitive filtering options and guided search. Doofinder is also able to personalize results based on previous search behavior while allowing you to prioritize search results strategically at the same time.

Our solution is designed for effortless integration across platforms and custom-built sites, providing real-time inventory updates and comprehensive analytics that will help you make informed decisions. Doofinder also guarantees your data’s safety and integrity by upholding the highest standards of security and compliance.

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