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Doofinder Enterprise Plans



Advantages of Doofinder Enterprise


Our consultants will help you optimise your website’s search process at all times.


Premium Support to adapt our technology to the the look and feel and UX needs of your company.

Priority Access to new funcionalities

Enterprise customers can access Doofinder’s product Roadmap and they are the first ones to enjoy them.

Premium Technical Support

Direct access to our development team. 24×7 Troubleshooting.


Control your data with the several levels of security with Doofinder Enterprise. Assign different access permissions to your team.


Our team of engineers constantly monitor our infrastructure in the cloud, reaching a monthly service level of 99.99%.

Doofinder AI Plans

Artificial Intelligence for your Business

Display personalised search results based on the behaviour and preferences of each of your users


Doofinder Classic Plans

Size doesn’t matter

For small growing startups and for larger eCommerce. We offer customized solutions according to your needs

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Clara Sbraccia

eCommerce Manager
at Fashion Eyewear

“Installing Doofinder has made a huge difference to our search results and the way customers find our products. We rely heavily on search, as a lot of our customers come to us with the product code in hand, already knowing what they’re looking for. The fact that they can easily find the product they’re after with a simple search has truly helped our conversion rate! It’s very easy to install, requiring little to no development, and provides a great overall customer experience.”

Raquel Cortázar

Marketing Manager

“Our experience with Doofinder has been very positive. We knew in advance about the advantages of a powerful internal site search, but we were surprised to see user experience improve so much. I would like to highlight the dedication and attention we have received from the entire Doofinder team. Any doubts or suggestions are dealt with in the same day. Excellent customer service.”

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