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Doofinder improves your user's search experience and will increase your online sales.

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Advanced Technology: Take control of your search engine.


Doofinder gives you results so quick that it allows users to find the desired product without leaving the homepage.

Custom Results

You can add predefined results for every search term that you want. This will allow you to offer the most interesting products for your business strategy to your users.

Mobile Search

With the Doofinder mobile layer you will offer a perfect search experience. Fast, effective, 100% responsive and with relevant results.

Business to Business

With Doofinder you can adapt your internal search engine to your B2B business. Being able to show different prices, offers or contents depending on the type of customer. Customize your offer.

Voice Search

More and more customers use voice search from mobile devices, with Doofinder you can have this advanced feature and you will not lose sales opportunities.

Facets navigation

Allows your users to refine product searches with filters and attributes like price, color, size, brand, etc.


Manage your search algorithm to give more relevance and weight to products you are more interested in selling.

Banners and promotions

With Doofinder, you can show banners and promotions associated with specific search terms. Show the most relevant promotion depending on each search.

Real-time statistics

Use Doofinder Statistics to analyse searches and increase the conversion of your store's search engine.


Create equivalences between different search terms. Words, linked as synonyms, will return the same results.

Multi-index search

With Doofinder you will be able to show different data sources simultaneously in the same layer or results page.

Search API

Thanks to our API you will be able to do everything you can imagine with Doofinder's Search Technology.

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