A personalized
search experience

Display personalised search results based on the behaviour and preferences of each of your users.


How does personalised
search work?


We collect data on the products viewed, clicked on, added to the shopping cart, and sold.


We analyze user behavior for all your customers to generate useful, accurate profile data.


We offer personalized results that are more relevant for each search, improving conversion.

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Thanks to artificial intelligence, Doofinder analyzes user behavior to offer them more relevant results.

Vanessa is 31 years old, plays sports on a regular basis, and is going to make a purchase on an eCommerce site.

Daniel is 40 years old, is interested in fashion, and is going to buy something on the same eCommerce site as Ana.


With the help of Virtual Eye
and Click Tracking, Doofinder
is able to analyze user behavior

Doofinder AI detects that Vanessa has recently been viewing boxing equipment.

And that Daniel has been looking at dress pants.


Doofinder has access to the purchase history to improve the relevance of the results.

Vanessa finally bought a pair of boxing shorts.

Daniel has opted for a black jacket.


The results are adapted in real time to the user’s profile, significantly increasing the possibilities of purchase.

When Vanessa searches for “gloves,” Doofinder shows her boxing gloves.

However, the results that Daniel will see first will be leather gloves.

Increase your conversion
and sales with personalised results

1to1 Search Experience:

Choose based on your preferences. Doofinder AI analyses all the “soft and hard facts” about the user’s behaviour in real time, in order to adapt the results at all times.

It offers a personalized treatment, which helps you obtain more satisfied customers and more conversions.

“We have been using Doofinder for more than 3 years now. After thoroughly evaluating several solutions, Doofinder topped the list and made it back on our new Store. Especially in our industry, there are special demands on the search. The Doofinder algorithm delivers better results out of the box than other search solutions. The new voice search for mobile devices is also very cool. Doofinder is crucial for our online strategy.”

Jens K. Online Shop Manager at

BIG DATA Analytics:
more information, better results

Eye Tracking

The system logs user behavior. Pages viewed, clicks, additions to shopping carts, and sales.

Click Tracking

We detect the clicks on the search results.

Shopping carts

We know what products are added to the shopping cart.


We record the products sold to be able to offer more relevant results.

Integrate Doofinder AI into any platform

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