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PrestaShop Search:
Advanced & Faceted Search Module

A powerful and advanced site search module that increases the conversion rate of your online store


Our Advanced Search module for PrestaShop is endorsed by more than 10,000 online stores

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Is your PrestaShop site search showing relevant results?

Install Doofinder in 5 minutes and start showing fast and relevant search results.


Discover the best Search Module for PrestaShop 1.7


A 100% customizable design

Choose one of our designs for your site search or create your own custom search layer in your PrestaShop store. Doofinder is flexible and fully customizable with CSS selectors.


Static or dynamic banners

With the Doofinder module, you have the option to display static banners that are always displayed in your site search or which may also be activated when a customer performs a specific search in your PrestaShop eCommerce site.


Advanced site search responsive on mobile devices

Set up our mobile search layer in PrestaShop, and you’ll offer a fast, effective, and fully responsive search experience.


Quick and
Easy Installation

Install our search module for PrestaShop in just 5 minutes. You don’t need to have any programming skills, and you’ll always have our support team on hand.


PrestaShop search Module Live statistics

In your dashboard, you will find real-time updates of the main search KPIs in your eCommerce site, such as: the most searched products, the most viewed and your conversion rate.


Customize your search results by category

Your site search, your rules. Decide which products are positioned first, highlight discounted items, or give numerical values to specific products to make them more relevant.

Do you want to improve your PrestaShop eCommerce site search?

With Doofinder’s free module, you’ll help your users find products in an easy and intuitive way. With our PrestaShop extension, you will get key information about the search terms your customers use, which will help you understand their search and purchase intentions in your online store. At a glance, you’ll be able to know how many people use your site search, how many users buy your products, which products are the most searched or viewed, which products are frequently viewed but not bought, and much more. Our advanced site search also allows you to reduce your eCommerce bounce rate and offers a more personalized shopping experience on your website.

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Joan Pijuan. eCommerce Manager at Mainada Kids

“Doofinder integration was very easy and we saw results immediately.
Unique searches have been increased a 250% and bouncing rate have decreased a 27%.”

Also, the quality of the search results increased the number of visited pages, which increased in sales. Now we sell products that previously were not easily findable.

Do you want to know more about Doofinder and Prestashop?

Check our support answers of the most frequently asked questions

We offer search statistics such as the most searched for or most clicked terms in the Doofinder control panel. Searches which did not return any results or the most used categories can also be seen.

Yes, you can filter by size, color, dimensions or any other feature or characteristic of your products. Add these features to our control panel

Yes, it’s very easy to directly configure synonyms from the Doofinder control panel.

The Doofinder module supports multi-language and multi-currency stores. The module will automatically carry out the configuration for each language/ currency combination.