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Boost your sales and improve your conversion
rate with an advanced site search APP for Shopify

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An Advanced Shopify & Shopify Plus Search APP
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Not using a smart site search in your online store yet?

Install our search app for Shopify in just 5 minutes and improve the search experience for your eCommerce site


The best rated search APP
in Shopify Marketplace


Search app with filters
for Shopify

Increase your online store’s conversion rate by making the process of finding your products much simpler. Improve user experience by helping them find specific products with the filtering options you wish to offer.


A Search app that is optimized for mobile devices

Do you have a site search optimized for mobile devices? With Doofinder, you will show the same results on mobile devices and computers, always respecting the look and feel of your eCommerce site.

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Installed in 5 minutes through API

In just 5 minutes, you will have our app installed in Shopify, no programming required. Take advantage of our free 30-day trial, no strings attached, and improve user experience on your eCommerce site.


Search and conversion statistics

Learn about user behavior on your eCommerce site with our app: the most searched products, the most viewed, or your conversion rate are some of the updated real-time data that you will have access to.


Typo tolerance
for Site Search

With our advanced site search for Shopify, you’ll make sure that your customers find what they are looking for even when they don’t type correctly. Doofinder corrects spelling mistakes and typos that occur in the site search.


A site search that gets smarter the more you use it

The smart algorithm of our app observes hundreds of behavior patterns and adjusts search results to deliver the most relevant and popular results in your Shopify store.

A site search APP for Shopify that let’s you be self-sufficient

Improve user experience in your eCommerce site by helping them quickly and easily find the content or product they’re looking for. Doofinder is a smart internal site search. It has the ability to understand the user and provide immediate answers with its search results. Doofinder is like your store’s clerk, helping the customer quickly find what they’re looking for, improving user experience, and boosting the sales of your products with cross-selling. When your customers search for a product you don’t have, you’ll be able to show them similar products so you won’t miss that sales opportunity. Thanks to the simple installation process, in just 5 minutes you’ll have our app running in your Shopify store.

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The London Victorian Ring Co

“Doofinder app is a huge improvement on the standard Shopify search feature. The extent of the features offered makes it easy to customise the search as well as giving the client a tailored search experience. We have just finished the 30-day trial and already it has accounted for one online sale which is impressive for high-value items and also improved our click-through rate. From an analytics perspective, it is easy to use.”

Discover the most common questions about Shopify Site search

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Doofinder offers an app to install an advanced search engine in just one click:


The internal search for products on the website is one of the most important tools in e-commerce. The response time is crucial in order to improve the experience in your Shopify store and with Doofinder the response time is merely 50 ms.

With Doofinder you can offer predictive search results before your client has finished writing the search term in your search engine. It offers results quickly, so users find what they are looking for even before finishing their searches. 

The Doofinder results’ layer is completely customizable, and it can show the discount percentage if a product has a reduced price.

On average 15% of standard searches give ZERO results.

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