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WooCommerce Advanced
Product Search

A smart product site search for your WooCommerce store.
Install our plugin in less than 5 min.


Add the Doofinder Product Search for WooCommerce and Join Over 10,000 eCommerce Sites That Have Already Enjoyed It

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Do you want a better product site search for your WooCommerce store?

Install the plugin in 5 minutes and start selling more with our smart site search


Turn Your Woocommerce Product Search Bar into Your Main Sales Tool


Filter Products by Characteristic

Assign characteristics to your products to deliver organized search results and allow your customers to find the right products by applying filters.


Banners and Special Offers

With our search plugin, you can add banners and special offers to your site search. It can display banners or promos when a user performs a specific search or display static banners all the time.


Product Search
for Mobile Devices

Doofinder works on both computers and smartphones. Our internal site search can be used regardless of the device the user is browsing your online store on.

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Add Our Plugin
in 5 Minutes

Install our plugin in 5 minutes and enjoy Doofinder for 30 days, no strings attached. No programming required.


Live Statistics

Make real-time decisions based on your customers’ behavior. With our plugin, you will be able to know the most recurrent searches, the most viewed products, your conversion rate, and more relevant data from your WooCommerce store.


Synonyms and Autocomplete

Quickly suggest relevant recommendations to users in your WooCommerce site as soon as they start typing in your site search and automatically correct their typos.

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Do you want a better product search bar for your Woocommerce Store?

Our free plugin for WooCommerce sites will allow you to go one step further in your online store’s shopping experience. Show your customers relevant and personalized results. Easily install our site search in 5 minutes in your WooCommerce store and start managing your online store’s internal site search. We provide you with real-time statistics for the searches that are performed in your eCommerce site. Do you know which products are the most searched on your website? Do you know your eCommerce site’s conversion rate? What about the most viewed products? With Doofinder, you will have all of this information updated in real time and available on your control panel.

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The London Victorian Ring Co

“Doofinder app is a huge improvement on the standard Shopify search feature. The extent of the features offered makes it easy to customise the search as well as giving the client a tailored search experience. “

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Doofinder Product Search for Woocommerce?

Our support team responds

We’ve got several tools to customize your search experience, such as: banners, customized results for specific searches, synonyms…
We also offer a search based on artificial intelligence so that every user gets customized results, based on their interests and preferences.

The Doofinder site search engine for WooCommerce is free of charge. You can register through our website or download the plugin from the official WordPress page

The results template of our advanced site search engine has many options such as showing product ratings and opinions directly in the results layer.

The Custom Results feature allows you to choose which results to show in a specific search, as well as how to configure a banner so it also shows specific searches.