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The best Search Engine
for WordPress

A plugin to search for products and content
on your WordPress site


Set up our WordPress search engine in just five minutes. Zero coding required.
Over 10,000 sites around the world are already using our plugin.

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Want to improve your WordPress site’s
internal search engine?

Set up our plugin in just five minutes and improve searches for products and content on your site.


A quick, attractive and easy to configure internal search engine


A responsive internal
search engine

With no need for any configuration, our internal search engine adapts to the dimensions of any screen, by default. Allows voice and image searches.

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Install our plugin for WordPress in just five minutes

Set up our plugin in just five minutes, without looking at a single line of code. Sounds good, right?


Rapid search

Making your visitors wait is a sure-fire way to have them leave your site. Our internal search engine for WordPress offers instant results.


Filters and categories
for WordPress

Offer your visitors organized search results so they can reach their desired product or page as quickly as possible.



Discover the most frequently searched and most viewed products, the countries from which visitors make internal searches, the most visited categories and much more, all from your dashboard.


A smart and predictive
internal search engine

Quickly suggests relevant recommendations to users via the WordPress search engine. Doofinder automatically corrects spelling errors and understands synonyms in more than 40 languages.

Looking to set up an advanced search engine for your WordPress site?

With our free WordPress plugin, you can ensure an optimal user experience. Show relevant, quick and personalized results to each of your site’s visitors. Set up our internal search engine for WordPress quickly and easily in just five minutes to discover what and how visitors on your website search. Do you know which products are the most searched on your website? Do you know your WordPress site’s conversion rate? What about the most viewed products? With Doofinder, you can access all this information – updated in real time and available on your dashboard. With our internal search-engine plugin, you’ll learn how to interpret all this information in order to get the most out of your WordPress site.

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Mauri Badia. Founder of Hannun

“Doofinder’s biggest advantage is that it does what it says it does. It allows you to search for products in a simple and efficient way.”

When we look for a new technological tool, we want to find one that’s easy in every way. Doofinder is easy for us to manage and easy for the customer to use.