Which Country Has the Cheapest Internet in the World? (2024)

The cost of mobile internet varies significantly around the world, with some countries offering incredibly low prices while others have considerably higher rates.

A study conducted by UK-based price comparison website cable.co.uk analyzed mobile data plans across 233 countries to determine the average cost of mobile internet.

In this article, we will explore the countries with the cheapest and most expensive mobile internet prices, as well as regional variations.

Which Country Has the Cheapest Internet in the World?

  1. Israel: $0.04
  2. Italy: $0.12
  3. India: $0.17
  4. France: $0.23
  5. China: $0.41
  6. Spain: $0.60
  7. Nigeria: $0.70
  8. Brazil: $0.74
  9. United Kingdom: $0.79
  10. Germany: $2.67
  11. Japan: $3.85
  12. United States: $5.62
  13. Switzerland: $7.37
  14. South Korea: $12.55
  15. Saint Helena: $41.06

The countries selected for the graphic come from a study of 233 countries but do not represent the top 15 on the list of countries with the cheapest mobile internet in the world. Keep reading to learn about more countries from the study.

Countries with the Cheapest Mobile Internet

  • Israel: With an average cost of just $0.04 per gigabyte (GB), Israel ranks as the country with the cheapest mobile internet. It boasts a high smartphone penetration rate, with three in four Israelis owning a smartphone.
  • Italy: Taking second place, Italy offers mobile internet at a low cost of $0.12 per GB. The country has excellent internet infrastructure, with 5G availability to approximately 95 percent of its residents.
  • San Marino: This neighboring country of Italy ranks third, with an average cost of $0.14 per GB. It benefits from its close proximity and shared infrastructure with Italy.

Countries with the Most Expensive Mobile Internet

  • Falkland Islands: Located in South America, the Falkland Islands rank as one of the costliest places for mobile internet. With an average cost of $38.45 per GB, it is significantly higher than the global average.
  • Saint Helena: As a remote British Overseas Territory in the South Atlantic, Saint Helena also experiences high mobile internet prices. The average cost for 1GB of data is $41.06, over 1,000 times more expensive than in Israel.

Regional Variations

  • North America: This region has the highest overall mobile internet costs, with an average price of $4.98 per GB, surpassing the global average. Canada is the most expensive country within North America, with a cost of $5.94 per GB, followed by the United States at $5.62 per GB. Greenland offers the most affordable mobile internet in the region, with an average cost of $3.36 per GB.

The cost of mobile internet varies widely across different countries and regions. Israel stands out as the country with the cheapest mobile internet, while the Falkland Islands and Saint Helena have the most expensive prices.

Factors such as infrastructure development, economic conditions, and geographical location influence these variations. These disparities highlight the significant differences in accessibility and affordability of mobile internet services worldwide.

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