How many people use Venmo in 2024?

As digital wallets like Venmo gain prominence, understanding their user base becomes pivotal.

In this exploration of Venmo users and their characteristics, we’ll answer the question: “How many people use Venmo?”

We’ll delve into the numbers, demographics, and usage patterns to provide a comprehensive picture.

How many Venmo users are there?


1. The Venmo User Count in 2022:

  • Recent data reveals an impressive 77.7 million Venmo active users in the US, reflecting a 10.8% annual surge from 2021.

2. Tracing Venmo’s User Evolution:

  • 2019: Venmo embarked on its journey with 41.5 million active users.
  • 2020: An astonishing 50.8% growth catapulted the user count to 62.6 million, driven by the pandemic-induced shift to online payments.
  • 2021: The momentum continued, with a 12% increase, propelling the user base to 70.1 million.

3. Forecasting Venmo’s User Growth (2023-2026):

  • 2023: Anticipated to reach 85.1 million users, a 9.5% rise.
  • 2024: Growth at 7.2%, totaling 91.2 million users.
  • 2025: An increase of 6.5%, reaching 97.1 million.
  • 2026: A landmark moment as Venmo crosses 100 million users, with a 5.4% annual uptick.

4. Changing Growth Dynamics:

  • 2020-2022: Venmo boasted an average annual growth rate of 24.6%.
  • 2023-2026: Expect a shift, with a 7.1% growth rate, signifying evolving user acquisition strategies.

5. The Millennial Influence:

  • Venmo’s recent surge owes much to millennials, drawn by the platform’s cost-free money transfers, establishing it as a go-to choice for peer-to-peer transactions.

From millions to a projected 100 million users, Venmo’s user base has undergone a remarkable transformation. Understanding Venmo users, their characteristics, and how they interact with the platform is not just beneficial but essential in navigating the evolving landscape of digital payments.

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