Largest Retailers in the US (2023)

The retail industry in the United States is highly competitive, with several major players vying for the top positions. In this article, we will explore the largest retailers in the US based on their retail sales figures.

Who is the largest retailer in the USA?


Top US Retailers:

  • Walmart:
    • Retail sales: $459.51 billion
    • Walmart remains the top US retailer with significant year-over-year growth.
    • Increased US share of global sales from 79% to 84%.
    • Expanded store footprint to 5,326 stores.
  • Amazon:
    • Retail sales: $217.79 billion
    • Amazon experienced impressive growth with a 12.6% annual increase in US sales.
    • US retail sales accounted for 66% of its global sales.
  • Costco Wholesale:
    • Retail sales: $140.41 billion
    • Costco’s US sales surged by 15.8%, exhibiting the highest growth among the top US retailers.
  • The Home Depot:
    • Retail sales: $140.06 billion
    • The Home Depot achieved a 15.1% increase in sales, securing the fourth position on the list.
  • The Kroger Co.:
    • Retail sales: $136.49 billion
    • The Kroger Co. experienced a 3.9% growth in US retail sales.
  • Walgreens Boots Alliance:
    • Retail sales: $136.49 billion
  • Target:
    • Retail sales: $104.62 billion
  • CVS Health Corporation:
    • Retail sales: $93.36 billion
  • Lowe’s Companies:
    • Retail sales: $87.73 billion
  • Albertsons Companies:
    • Retail sales: $71.87 billion

Walmart continues to dominate as the largest US retailer, experiencing steady growth in retail sales and an increased share of global sales.

Amazon follows closely, exhibiting rapid growth and maintaining a significant presence in the US market. Costco Wholesale, The Home Depot, and The Kroger Co. complete the list of the top five largest retailers, each showcasing impressive sales figures.

Other major retailers such as Walgreens Boots Alliance, Target, CVS Health Corporation, Lowe’s Companies, and Albertsons Companies also contribute significantly to the US retail landscape.

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