The Future of Internet Search

🗣 [Voice-Commerce]

According to recent studies, it is estimated that by 2020, in countries like the United States, voice searches could reach 50% on mobile devices.

“The KEY Functionality for your Online Store”

According to the Voice Shopping Study 2019, around 20% of users of a smart speaker (like Amazon Echo) have used it to make purchases.
In the case of “Voice-Commerce”, we are in a less mature stage since, according to eMarketer data, currently the searches carried out in eCommerce by voice do not even reach 1%, yet. So, where do we find ourselves in a fairly mature stage?

When using voice assistants such as “Alexa” or “Hey Google”, que en la actualidad, ya se usa de forma cotidiana para crear listas de productos (wishlist) e investigar sobre productos en la red de búsqueda de Google.

This indicates that in a very short time, Voice Commerce will become a reality.


🗣 What is Voice Commerce

Voice assistants and searching for products by voice on the internet are here to stay.

Voice Commerce is all those techniques and tools that we must implement from now on to understand and facilitate the sales process or product information through voice searches.

For the content you are creating in your blogs, product sheets or snippets in Google, it is necessary to take into account the new way of users are searching: THE VOICE.

As we well know, it is not the same to express yourself orally as in writing. We should create content that meets the search expectations of both, creating useful, truthful and structured content.

According to the study Voice Shopping Consumer Adoption Report” the main reasons why consumers like to use Voice Commerce are:

  • The possibility of talking on the phone while doing other things
  • “Hands free”
  • It is faster in providing us with answers and results.


According to data from the same study, in the United States, purchases through voice assistants in eCommerce are expected to increase to $40 trillion by 2022, exceeding 2 trillion today.


👩🏻‍💻 NLP: Natural Language Processing

Natural Language Processing is a feature that is part of Artificial Intelligence to help machines understand and interpret human language automatically.


The NLP was born with the aim of unifying human communication with the algorithms of the most advanced machines.


🗣 Voice Search with NLP: by Doofinder

Doofinder we have been working for years in the aid of eCommerce searches through Artificial Intelligence, which helps boost the user experience so that the purchase process is personalized for each visitor.

To do this, we have developed an algorithm that helps each visitor to see content related to their tastes. We achieve this thanks to behaviour patterns of each person who visits your online store, patterns such as the colour of a product that we have seen or purchased, the brand of the product and even the dimensions or selected sizes of certain items.

All of this has a direct relationship with Voice Commerce and NLP.

Let’s see an example.

We want to buy an iPhone. An iPhone 8, white and 128 GB and we do not want to spend more €700.

We enter the online store, and we search by voice:

🗣”iPhone 8 white 128 gigs for less than 700 euros”

Doofinder will automatically interpret your search by voice and will make automatic filters in which it will distinguish:

Model: iPhone

Color: Blanco

Capacity: 128 GB

Price: Less than 700€

So Doofinder will automatically show iPhone 8, white, 128 gigabytes and for less than 700 euros.


💪🏼 Voice Commerce: Opportunities

Like many of the trends that have occurred in recent years and have changed the purchasing habits of society (purchases through smartphones, responsive websites, loading time of the websites, etc.), Voice Commerce will be one more of these!

To take advantage of these new trends, it is vitally important to be pioneers and start offering relevant results for voice searches in your eCommerce from now on.

We have worked on this to give our clients the opportunity to get ahead.

In addition to taking advantage of advanced technology for searches in your online store, you can start implementing voice searches through mobile devices, Artificial Intelligence and NLP from now on.

Get started now with Doofinder and enjoy a 30-day free trial without obligation.


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