In our way of improving Doofinder, we’ve released several addons which can improve different tool areas, from the search user experience to the info registered in Statistics.

All these addons are active and working during the trial period in order to test them. Once the trial expires and you become a customer, you can select which one of them subscribe, with a little extra cost in your subscription plan. You can check prices in our site, price tab.

Please, let us introduce them:

Front-end UI/UX Enhancements

Mobile version

Increase conversions and improve your user search experience on mobile devices, implementing a fullscreen layer which allows your customers perform the searchs in a faster way. Including filters and banners, as you have configured them in your search engine.

Search History

This Extra Feature shows the last searches done for each customer.

How to activate the Search History?

To activate Search History addon you need to include an option to your doofinder script. You can get it, configuring again the script in your admin panel, checking the box included in the 4th step.

Also you can add the corresponding line manually in your script like that:

  historyPlugin: true

See Search History options in your layer version reference to learn more about this options.


Suggestions brings highly relevant suggestive search results while the user types, pushed by a new index generated from the Top Search terms stats in your search engine.

Once the user clicks in one of those suggestions, the results in the layer will change to that suggestion results

How to activate Suggestions?

Once the addon is subscribed you can access suggestions menu in your admin control panel.

In there you can enable this feature and configure its options:


You can select the statistics period to extract suggestions.

Suggest searches that appeared at least this number of times.


There are terms you want suggest but don’t appear in the Stats, don’t worry, here you can add them, individually separated by commas, or uploading a txt file with them.


If in your stats appears term which you don’t want they appears as suggestion, here you can block them, avoiding they’re showed.

Notice: This extra features requires V7 layer version. If you’re using an older one, you need to update it.


Scheduled Indexing

Allows you to schedule the index tasks as a CRON:
once a day, periodically, configuring a time interval between index or scheduling specific timing (maximum six times a day)

Business Rules & Decision Making

Boosting Rules

Personalize search relevance to create sophisticated preferences over multiple criteria.

365 days stats

Adding this feature to your account, you can get the latest year stats.