In our way of improving Doofinder, we’ve released several add-ons which can enhance different tool areas, from the search user experience to the info registered in Statistics.

All these add-ons are active and working during the trial period in order to test them. Once the trial expires, and you become a customer, you can select which one to subscribe to for a small additional cost on your subscription plan. You can check prices on our website, pricing tab.

Please, let us introduce them:

Front-end UI/UX Enhancements

Mobile version

Increase conversions and improve your user search experience on mobile devices, implementing a fullscreen layer which allows your customers to perform the search in a faster way. Including filters and banners, as you have configured them in your search engine.

Search History

This Extra Feature shows the last searches done by each customer. It is automatically activated with your live layer.


Suggestions bring highly relevant suggestive search results while the user is typing. These suggestions are based on the indexed data feed.

Once the user clicks on one of those suggestions, the results in the layer will change to that suggestion results.

How to activate Suggestions?

Once the add-on is subscribed, you can access the suggestions’ menu in your admin control panel. In there, you can enable this feature and configure its options:

Custom Suggestions:

These terms will always be available as suggestions. You can add them, individually separated by commas, or uploading a txt file with them.

Blacklist of search terms:

Prevent the blacklisted terms to being displayed as suggestion.

Notice: This ‘extra features’ requires V7 layer version. If you’re using an older one, you need to update it.


Scheduled Indexing

Allows you to schedule the index tasks as a CRON:
once a day, periodically, configuring a time interval between index or scheduling specific timing (maximum six times a day)

Business Rules & Decision-Making

Boosting Rules

Personalize search relevance to create sophisticated preferences over multiple criteria. You can boost or penalize results based on certain filter values.

For example, you can create a boosting rule by adding a ‘rule name’ (e.g. Reebok), a ‘Boost score’ (e.g.3,0) and the conditions to show products brand Reebok, categories shoes.

Real Stats & 365 days stats

Real-time & 365 day Stats give access to the last year’s stats and real time statistics.


Search Personalization

Search personalization is a feature that provides your customers with search results that match their preferences as well as your business goals, based on their previous search behaviour. Learn from your user’s search behaviour to offer them personalized and more relevant results in every search.

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Last updated: Dec 2021