How are requests calculated?

The requests consumption of your Doofinder account is the result of adding up the following factors:

  • If you use the Doofinder Layer, the number of actual requests made by your users from the search box on your web page. The first request is done when the user writes at least three characters. One single search usually consists of an average of five or six requests to our servers.
  • The number of items in your data feed. Each time your feed is processed both manually or automatically, requests are counted. The exact number of requests used up in this process is the number of items processed divided by 100. That is, if 1,000 products are processed then 10 requests are counted.
  • If we carry out some kind of crawling to feed your Search Engines, we will count one request per every crawled page. If your site has 100 pages, 100 requests will be accounted.
  • And finally, it also depends on the number of calls to our API, both Search or Management

You can check your requests consumption in your admin control panel, Usage section, the total amount, or selecting your engines individually.

Notice: In Usage section, API requests graphic include all indexing requests whether it be by feed, API or crawler. Queries graphic includes both, layer and Search API requests.