or send an email to support@doofinder.com

Where can I find my invoice?

In your Admin Panel > Account > Payment History

How can I pay?

The accepted methods of payment are: credit card (excluding american express), paypal or direct debit.

If I reach the query limit, how can I reactivate doofinder?

If you pay with paypal or credit card, you can upgrade your plan or buy a Query Pack immediately in your control panel. If you have a custom payment plan, you must request it from your account manager or billing@doofinder.com

I bought a pack, how long does it take to be active again?

The reactivation of the service is immediate. If you cannot see Doofinder working on your site then empty the browser's cache and it will be resolved.

Queries vs. searches.

Queries are unique queries to the server, through which doofinder returns results. A search consists of several queries. The first query occurs after the user enters the third character until they finish typing.

How much notice period is necessary to unsubscribe?

None, simply tell us via email that you want to unsubscribe and we will cancel your subscription immediately. Once cancelled, your contracted service will remain active until the renewal date and after this date, it will continue active on our freemium plan.

Is it necessary to use your modules to implement doofinder?

No, it is not necessary. If you have a product data feed i.e. Google Shopping, that's enough to get you started.

I need to change my billing information, how can I do it?

In your control panel, Account > Billing Information > Edit billing information

I want my products to be listed, not gridded, how do I do it?

You can add an option to "display" in your javascript: initialLayout: list

My website requires access credentials, I can not index.

You can include the access credentials in the URL of the feed, so that it can be indexed, for example:

http: // usr: psw @ server / Tests

You can also include our IP's so that those credentials are not required:



How is the "conversion rate" calculated?

The conversion ratio is calculated by dividing the number of checkouts by the number of search sessions. When a search session starts (someone writes in the search box) a cookie with an expiration of one hour is entered. If in that hour the user buys, the conversion is recorded.

Doofinder does not provide this data, since it does not capture the ID of the user or the cart, it only measures the ratio between checkouts and search sessions.

I have subscribed to a plan, how long does it take to be active again?

The activation of the service is immediate. If you continue without seeing doofinder running on your website, empty the browser's cache and it will be resolved.

Why does the value of my search box appear in Statistics?

It is possible that this text is entered in your search box as "value" and not as "placeholder". This can cause searches to be performed with that value. To avoid this, the text should be introduced as "placeholder"