Doofinder layers display images as well as text of your products. Those images are served from the urls specified in your data feed. Whatever size those images have, they are resized in the browser via CSS to fit the dimensions of the layer.

As we don’t perform any optimization process on your images, you should avoid wasting bandwidth and user time serving too big images. Instead, use a reasonable image size, similar to the dimensions the images will have in the layer. You will save kilobytes and your images will load faster.

To display images faster take this hints:

  • Thumbnail image urls are the best choice for your data feed’s image_link field.
  • You can use a third party service to resize your images, like Cloudinary.
  • Use a CDN to serve images instead of your web server.
  • Use JPEG or PNG file formats for your images. They have a better quality/size ratio.