What is Non Stop Service?

Non Stop Service allows you to configure the automatic purchase of query packs when your account reaches the requests limit of your subscribed plan. This way, your service won’t be stopped once your query limit is reached.

We strongly recommend activating this feature so that search engines remain available for your customers even in the event of unexpected spikes in demand that exceed the limit of your plan. Non-Stop Service will automatically provide the additional queries if needed.

Notice: This service is only available for Credit Card or PayPal payment methods.

Payment Method Warning

How can I activate it?

During your subscription checkout, you’ll be able to activate this feature, by clicking in the option: Ensure Non-Stop service even if query limit is reached

Subscription checkout

If you are already subscribed, you can activate or disable it in packs section of your doofinder admin panel.

Packs Section

How it works?

Once you reach your limit, doofinder will add a query pack to your account, to ensure the service remains active. The minimum amount of requests for a query pack is 10.000, charging your payment method the cost of it.

If you have consumed more than 10.000 requests above your limit, the query pack will be increased in steps of 1000 requests, up to the total amount needed. The query limit is checked daily, so if your query pack ran out of queries, another one will be purchased.

If the query pack added is not totally consumed during the current billing period, It remains active until it ran out of queries.

How much does it cost?

The cost of the query packs is 1 € each 1.000 requests, being the minimum amount of the pack 10.000 requests.

This feature is recommended for extraordinary peaks of requests in your site. We recommend you evaluate which is your best option, enable this feature or upgrading your plan.

Please, don’t hesitate to contact our Support Team if you have any doubt by dropping an email to support@doofinder.com