Widget/IFrame parameters

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According to the script in your control panel (Configuration > Installation Scripts) the Doofinder widget and iframe for your personal search engine can be accessed this way:

<iframe src="//[yourZone]-app.doofinder.com/en/iframe/[yourSearchEngineHashId]"
 width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT">
<iframe src="//[yourZone]-app.doofinder.com/en/widget/[yourSearchEngineHashId]"
 width="WIDTH" height="HEIGHT" scrolling="no">

Important: WIDTH and HEIGHT must be replaced with proper values.

Each of this scripts returns a page with a search Box where you can search items.

From now on, let's consider a customer with this values:

  • hashid: 12456789abcdefghijklmno12345678
  • zone: eu1
  • width: 200px
  • height: 400px

His widget script should be something like this:

<iframe src="//eu1-app.doofinder.com/en/widget/12456789abcdefghijklmno12345678"
 width="200px" height="400px" scrolling="no">



The query parameter allows you to execute a default search when opening the widget/iframe for the first time.

This way you can show certain product list instead of the default Most Searched Products.

So, using one of this scripts you will load the page already showing those mobiles you have discounts on:

<iframe src="//eu1-app.doofinder.com/en/iframe/12456789abcdefghijklmno12345678?query=iphone"
 width="200px" height="400px">
<iframe src="//eu1-app.doofinder.com/en/widget/12456789abcdefghijklmno12345678?query=iphone"
    width="200px" height="400px">


In some cases you may need to add custom parameters to the results' links that Doofinder display on the widget/iframe page.

For example, you may need to add the parameter source=doofinder to every item that a customer can click through Doofinder so you can have a different response or simply count some custom statistics.

By adding forward_parameter=my_param=my_value to the widget/iframe url you can make doofinder to insert my_param=my_value to all links in the result items.

So, using a script like this:

<iframe src="//eu1-app.doofinder.com/en/iframe/12456789abcdefghijklmno12345678?forward_parameter=my_parameter=myvalue" width="200px" height="400px">

you will get links to your real products in this way:


Of course you can pass more than one forward_parameter and it doesn't matter if your links already had other parameters, Doofinder will just add the new ones at the end of the url.