To begin the installation process, ensure you have a Shopify store account and have filled the requisite form if it is a new Shopify store.

Installing Doofinder on your Shopify website is a quick and easy process. 

  1. Log in to your Shopify store account, navigate to the Apps section, and select Shop for Apps. 

2. Press the ‘Add app’ button.

3. Select the ‘Product Search Bar & Filters accordingly by Doofinder.

4. On the next screen, press the ‘Install app’ button. The installation process will begin immediately.

5. Once the installation completes, you can proceed to your search engine by pressing the, Go to my Search Engine button.

6. Now, back in your Shopify store, you will find Doofinder listed among your installed apps.

7. Ensure that the Doofinder Search Bar is activated. You can confirm this by clicking on the highlighted link in the following image:

This will take you to the ‘Product Search Bar and Filters’ page.

It should show that Doofinder’s search bar is currently activated’.

This concludes the installation process of the Doofinder app in your Shopify store.

You can now head to Doofinder’s admin panel to configure the Doofinder further to your preference.

Should you encounter any problems, please contact

Last Updated: July 2021