This article targets the 1.4 and 1.5 or later versions of Prestashop.

To install the plugin, please download the latest version of the plugin that matches your Prestashop version:

Once you have the package file, refer to the Prestashop User Guide to get instructions on how to install the module.

Notice: Doofinder offers this module just to help customers to integrate easily. We are not responsible of any issue or unexpected behavior. We also encourage you to contribute and improve the module in our open repository.


You will find the module in the List of Modules of your Prestashop’s backoffice, under the Search & Filter section.

The configuration panel has two main sections:

  • Data Feed Settings: To configure the data that will feed your Search Engines.
  • Doofinder Script: To configure a Search Engine for each active language. The Data Feed Settings

Data Feed Settings

  • Product Image Size: Select one of the available image sizes in your database and we will use it to preview your product in the Doofinder search results. It is recommended to use small image sizes so the results will be loaded faster.
  • Product Description Length: Select which description will be indexed by your Search Engine. It is recommended to select the one you usually add more text to, so there is more information to find the products.
  • Currency for <Language>: There will be one selector for each language active in your Prestashop site. Select a currency from the available ones and the product prices will be converted to it.
  • Display Prices in Data Feed: Yes by default. Set to No if you don’t want to display them.
  • Display Prices with Taxes: Yes by default. Set to No if you don’t want to display final prices.
  • Include product variations in feed: No by default. Set to Yes if you want to show every product variation as a row in the feed.
  • Include product features in feed: No by default. Set to Yes if you want to show the product features in the feed. You can also add custom fields in your feed by using Prestashop features. Add the feature to your products and set to Yes this option. You must activate the feature to be shown in the select above.
  • Overwrite Search page with Doofinder results: No by default. Set to Yes if you want to show the Doofinder results in your Prestashop Search Page.

Notice: To get the internal search properly working is necessary to use the feed provided by the module or, at least, use the same ids ;for your products that Prestashop does.

  • Enable facets on Overwrite Search Page: No by default. Set to Yes if you want to show the Doofinder filters in your Prestashop Search Page.

Notice: Enabling facets on Overwrite Search could make paging to fail. This could be fixed by modifying the module javascript

  • Enable security hash on feed URL No by default. If Yes, an extra security parameter will be added to feed url (dfsec_hash). The feed, will only be accesible if the url contains that parameter with the correct value.
  • MPN Field for Data Feed: Select which field will be used as MPN (searches by splitted values).
  • Export full categories path in the feed: Default Yes. Select No if you don’t want to show the complete categories paths.
  • Select features will be shown in feed: This only applies when Include product features is set to Yes. Select which features will be shown in the feed.

The Doofinder Scripts

You will need a Search Engine for each language on your site. There is a big text box for each of your active languages and, below each one, the URL of the data feed associated to it based on the settings previously configured (note that the URL will not change unless you save your settings).

Just copy and paste the Doofinder script in the corresponding textarea and save.

Warning: Do not copy the tags. Just copy the content between them.

If you need to adjust the appearance of your search box you can add CSS code into the Extra CSS text area.

If you want to use Doofinder to show results in your default search page you have to set the following settings:

  • API Key: You can generate it in your Doofinder Admin Panel, in My Account section. The format of the API Key you have to configure is <zone>-<API_key>.
  • hashid: The hashid of the Search Engine that you are using.

Disable Prestashop’s AJAX Search

You can disable AJAX and Instant Search in the Search Preferences pane of your backoffice.

Search Page Override

You can activate the Prestashop Search Page Override, if you do and it doesn’t work, you can do the next checks:

  • Clean the cache: You can do it by acceding to Advanced Parameters > Performance and pressing the button with the rubber.
  • Check the override file: In your Prestashop folder, check if the path override/controllers/front/SearchController.php ;exists. If it doesn’t, maybe your server can’t write in the override ;folder. You can copy the SearchController manually from modules/doofinder/override/controllers/front to override/controllers/front.
  • PHP logs: Get the PHP logs and send them to

Installation troubleshooting

When you are installing Doofinder Prestashop the first time, you could get an error message like this:

doofinder: unable to install override. The method initContent in the class SearchController is already overriden by the module …

Installation Error

The problem here is that you already have a Prestashop module overriding your internal search. You have two choices:

  • Delete the previous override:
    • Save a backup of this file: /override/controllers/front/SearchController.php
    • Remove it from your project.
    • Install Doofinder Prestashop again.
  • Install Doofinder Prestashop without overriding internal search: