To begin the installation process:

Download the .zip file and save it on your computer to be accessed later. 

Note: This installation process works for PrestaShop version 1.5+

Installing the Plugin

  1. Login to your PrestaShop account.
  2. On the Dashboard, go to Modules and select the Modules Manager.
  3. On the top right corner, select the Upload a Module button, from which a pop-up page will appear prompting you to drag the module file there or select the file.
  1. Through the ‘select the file’ option, find the .zip file you downloaded earlier on, select and upload it.
  2. Hit the Configure button or close the pop-up window.
  1. If you closed the pop-up window and want to continue with the set-up later, you can find the Doofinder module under the Doofinder module manager section.
  1. Through the Set Up button, you will be required to log in to your Doofinder account or sign up for one.
  2. Before being redirected to your Doofinder Account, a setup wizard will appear and will run for some seconds, creating the search engines for all the languages and currencies you have set in your data feed.
  3. Once complete, you can log in to your Doofinder account for further configuration.

Basic Configuration of the Doofinder Layer

Basic configuration of Doofinder Layer

Once the plugin is installed and active, you can continue the configuration in your Doofinder admin panel by logging in to your Doofinder account. Here are a few basic configurations you can begin with:

  1. Begin by double-checking that your products are there from the Playground section.
  2. Then navigate to the indices section, where you will see your data feed processing.
  3. Under the Facets section, you can add the facets filters as you prefer on your website.
  4. Next, in the Suggestions section, you can opt to Enable Suggestions by ticking on the displayed box and clicking on the Start trial button in the top right corner.
  5. This concludes the setup and basic configuration of Doofinder in your Prestashop site.

You can visit the Product Data Feed page for further configurations.

Advanced Configuration of the Doofinder plugin with the different tabs and otions

Data Feed

  • Enable security hash on feed URL: It will generate a security token which is a security code in the product data feed URL.

📌 Note: If you activate it, don’t forget to set the new URL in the Doofinder ADMIN panel.

  • Display prices in Data Feed: Include or exclude the prices in the product data feed.
  • Display prices with taxes: Include taxes in the product data feed.
  • Export full categories path in the feed:
    • Export only main category of product in the feed
      • For instance: Women > Tops > T-shirts or only T-shirts
    • Include product variations in feed: This option let us:
      • No, only product: Include only “parents” products in the feed
      • Yes, include each variation: Include variation in the feed like individual products
  • Attribute Groups: Select the attributes you want to index in the feed for each product.
  • Include product features in feed
  • Select features will be shown in the feed: Select the features you want to index in the feed.
  • Product Image Size: Choose the folder from which the image link will be generated.
  • Product Description Length: Short or long
  • MPN Field for Data Feed: Choose the field that will be indexed as a reference.

📌 Note: Remember that if you make any modifications in this section, you need to process the feed in your Doofinder control panel.

PrestaShop Legacy Setup

Sometimes, even after following the installation process correctly, the Doofinder layer may fail to install into your PrestaShop site. In such a case, re-do the installation process and continue as follows:

  1. Select the ‘I want to skip the autoinstaller, take me to the module manual configurationas illustrated in the following image:
  1. You will be redirected to the plugin configuration without the setup wizard whereby under the ‘Search Layer’ tab, you will find that the Doofinder layer has still not been configured.
  2. Therefore in your Doofinder admin panel, create a New Search Engine by giving it a name and enter the URL of your website. Then choose the platform for your website, which in this case will be PrestaShop and the correct sector for your business.

📌 Note: You will need to create a different search engine for every language and currency combination.

  1. If it is your first time using Doofinder, you can start the free trial on the next page, otherwise select the ‘I’ll do it later’ option to proceed. This will redirect you to Doofinder’s admin panel. In here go to Setup > Indices and hit the ‘Process Now’ button to process your product data feed.
  1. Back in your PrestaShop account, under the Search Layer tab, paste the hash ID of the corresponding search engine.

Hash ID can be found in your Doofinder control panel:

  1. Back in your PrestaShop account, under the Internal Search tab, configure the API key by switching the first two tabs in the API Internal Search section to Yes.
  1. In your Doofinder Admin Panel, under Account > API Tokens copy the API Key displayed and paste it in Doofinder API Key section of your PrestaShop account under the API Internal Search section mentioned in step 6, and save.
  1. This concludes the setup, you can confirm by checking on your PrestaShop site whether the Doofinder layer is working or no by performing a product search on your search bar.

If it is still not working, try troubleshooting.


My feed is not indexing correctly

You are probably missing the security hash.

To fix it, go to the plugin configuration in your PrestaShop account and check the feed URL:

Copy and paste the link to your Doofinder control panel and reindex by selecting the Process Now button.

The search results page isn’t returning Doofinder results

Here you’ll need to check that the API key is configured and that the API’s internal search is active.

📌 Note: Embedded search and API internal search is not compatible.

If it still does not work, check that the plugin is hooked in the productSearchProvider:

I can’t see the Doofinder layer on my site

Check that the plugin is hooked either in the Header or Footer of your Prestashop theme.

Then check that the hash ID is correctly configured. You can find hash ID here:

Should you encounter any problems, please contact

Last Updated: May 2021