Installation Steps

Notice: Here you will find a video (in German) about how to properly configure Doofinder in your Shopware store.

Sign up to Doofinder

Sign up for the free trial. When asked, give your Search Engine a name and indicate your shop’s URL. Doofinder will recognize your platform: Shopware.

Get the Plugin

Get the Plugin for free from here and activate it under the Shopware Plugin Manager.

Plugin Configuration

Copy and paste your hashID and API key and choose the type of autosuggest you want to use (Doofinder on-site layer or the Shopware autocomplete).

The plugin injects the JavaScript code for the (v5) classic layer of Doofinder directly under the corresponding place in the HTML of your template. You don’t have to create the JavaScript with our installer, but you can use it to customize the layer if you want, by activating using Doofinder “on-site layer – YES”.


After saving configuration, clear the Shopware and webbrowser caches.

IMPORTANT: Doofinder needs a correct product export to get a clean onboarding. Before going live please check the product export under Configuration > Data Sources in your Doofinder control panel.



If something goes wrong during the installation you could have made any of these mistakes:

  • You did not activate the Plugin in our Shopware-Backend.
  • No correct product export (syntax error / contact us if you need help).
  • Custom Template (you have to paste the script manually into html code).
  • Did not clear the Shopware cache.
  • You’re installing Doofinder under a different domain. Check the Allowed domains configuration in your Doofinder control panel.
  • Wrong order pasting hashID and API key.
  • Native search does not work (you did not paste the API key!).