Boosting Results and Extra Indexed Text

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Boosting results refers to the ability to make Doofinder give more importance to certain results. Learn how does it work and how to boost results from the Doofinder Control Panel.

Notice: If you want to learn how to boost results from your data feed then read this article.

Doofinder uses a scoring system when returning search results. Each time you perform a search, Doofinder returns the results with a score attribute for every result. The score is just a numeric value Doofinder assigns to each search result depending on how 'close' that particular result is to the performed search. Results are then ordered by that score, so you get the results with a higher score first.

Boosting items: boost factor and extra indexed text.

The scoring system is based on Doofinder own calculations, which are pretty good, but you may need certain items to perform better than others when searching. In such situation, you can boost certain items so they are scored better when processing a search request.

You can do this in two ways: by applying a boosting factor to an item or by editing the item’s extra indexed text. Both of them can be done in the boosting subsection of the search tweaks sections of you Doofinder’s administration panel.

The boosting factor

In the boosting page of Doofinder’s administration, perform a search. You will be presented then with the search results for the performed search. Each result comes with the name, the score Doofinder has computed for that search, and an input field. The input field is for modifying the boost factor of the item (it defaults to 1.0). You can specify a greater -or lower- boost factor for the item there. If you specify a value greater than 1, the item will perform better when searching. If you specify a value lower than 1, it will perform poorer.

Learn by example

  1. Log into your Doofinder’s Administration Panel.
  2. Choose a Search Engine and access the Boosting Section.
  3. Perform a search.
  4. Modify boosting factor on one of the result items. Don’t forget to press Send.
  5. Then click on refresh to perform the search again. You will see how the result item you modified now shows up in a different position, according to the boosting factor you entered.

The extra indexed text

You can also boost certain items in the search results, by editing its extra indexed text property.

Every item inside Doofinder’s database has an extra indexed text hidden field. That field is not to be shown on results, but Doofinder will search for matches of the search terms in that field. You can, for example, use that fields to add some keywords to certain items, so when the user searches for those keywords, those items shows up.

If you want to edit some item's extra indexed text property, just to to search tweaks/boosting , perform a search and click on the item’s name. A dialog will show up to allow you to edit that item’s extra indexed text.

Remember Doofinder gives much importance to extra indexed text when searching, but extra indexed text is never shown in the search results.

Learn  by example

  1. Log in into your Doofinder’s administration panel.
  2. Go to Doofinder's admin boosting section
  3. Perform a search for some keywords
  4. Click on any item's title, and edit its indexed text. Add there the keywords you just used for the search
  5. Refresh the search using the refresh button. See how the item with the modified indexed text has changed position in the search results.

The ‘auto boost’ feature

Besides all these manual boosting , doofinder performs some auto boosting. It searches for the more hitted results of a certain period, and apply a boost to those items, in the presumption that those items are indeed more searched by the users.