Get Your Feed Ready For Faceted Search

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Learn how to configure your data feed in order to use faceted search in your search engine.

In order to use the faceted search you have to be aware of some tips you must follow on your data feed:

  • If the value of the field which you are going to use for facetsĀ is unique for every product you don't have to do anything else. For instance, the brand field is usually one of these.
  • If a product can have multiple values of a facet (for example color, size...), the values must be separated by the / character, like this: blue/red/green.
  • If you want to include / as part of the value (let's say you want to use 1/4oz and 1/2oz as part of your possible values for a facet) just use another / before it, like this: 1oz / 1//2oz / 1//4oz.
  • If your feed has products grouped by categories and sub categories and you want to make filters with them, make sure that the categories are separated with the > char, being the first category the most general. It would be a category tree like this: Hardware > Hard Drives > SSD. Here, SSD is a subcategory inside Hard Drives which is also a subcategory of Hardware.
  • You can also have multiple category trees for one product. Just separate them with %%. An example category field would be this: Hardware > Hard Drives > SSD %% Desktops > Peripherals > HDD.

Here is a one-item feed with proper values for facets:

23|New hard drive|23.43|Acme|Hardware > Hard Drives > SSD|||blue/red/green|It stores a lot of stuff

That's it.