As you know, to get doofinder working on your site, you need to index the product data you want to be available when searching. This is done through the data feed.

You can use the Google Shopping feed (if you have one) following their specifications. This will work and allow doofinder to index it without any problems, because doofinder uses these specifications to index our clients data feeds.

But… what happens if my data feed has different field names? Should I create a new feed or adapt mine to get it working in doofinder?

No, you don’t have to create a new one if it contains all the required fields, even if the field names don’t match with GS specifications.

We’ve released a new feature which allows you to map your fields to the standard doofinder ones.


In your admin control panel, configuration>data source section.


Open the field mappings by clicking on the [mappings button] and you’ll see the normalized field names and the field aliases expected from your feed.

mappings button

If the field names in your data feed match with the field aliases you musn’t do anything else. If they don’t match, you’ll only need to add the field name from your data feed in the field aliases box corresponding to the normalized field name.

fields mappings

This way, in the next indexing, doofinder will apply the new aliases in order to get and/or display the relevant data from your data feed.

Use samples

First index

There are some required fields doofinder needs in order to get your data feed indexed properly, id & title. If one or both of these have a field name in your feed which is not in the expected field aliases, doofinder will not recognise these and the index will deliver an error like this:

index error

Don’t worry! The next step is opening the normalized field names and set the correspondence between the field name in your data feed and the normalized one, Save Changes & Process Now.

The layer doesn’t show some info in the results

Doofinder shows the following fields in results layer:

  • image_link
  • title
  • price
  • sale_price (if exists)
  • link

If some of this data is missing, the problem can be a non recognized field name in your feed.

To fix the issue, detect the field name and configure the alias.

Notice: Deleting a normalized field name line, doesn’t remove the mapping nor the data. Doofinder will always apply the mapping in the background, so this tool cannot be used to hide data shown in the layer, for example, you cannot remove the prices from the layer by deleting the aliases.

We hope this helps you manage your own data feed and get it working correctly with doofinder.

If you have further questions, do not hesitate to contact us by dropping a mail to