An efficient e-commerce store involves having a system that shows available stock and excludes out-of-stock products from the search results.

Doofinder has an automated tool that excludes the ‘out of stock’ products efficiently. Before activating it, ensure that there’s a field for ‘availability’ in your product feed, with the value out of stock.

Once you have this, you can proceed to exclude the out of stock results using the following steps:

  1. On your admin panel, navigate to the Indices section as found right under Setup > Indices > Indices.
  2. Next to the Product button on the product tab, select the three dots arranged in vertical order. This will display a dropdown list with two options.
  3. Select ‘Advanced Options’ as shown in the following image:
  1. A pop up will appear with the following option:
  • Exclude out of stock products from the search results.
  1. Select theExclude out of stock products from the search results’ option by clicking on the check box.
  1. Hit ‘Process Now’ to apply the changes.

That’s it!

So whenever products in your stock run out according to orders sent out, Doofinder will automatically exclude the out of stock products from search results. Once the stock is replenished, the product will automatically re-appear in the search results.

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Last Updated: November 2021