You can create predefined lists of results to show when users type specific terms

When you want to show a specific list of items to your customers when they use certain search terms you need first to configure a Custom Result

To configure Custom Results, go to Search Engines, choose one from the list and then navigate to the Custom Results tab.

The short way

Use the green button to Add New Custom Results. You can create multiple lists and specify multiple search terms for each.

For every Custom Result, you will have a configuration page where you can set:

  • Some name for the custom results list
  • One or more terms that will trigger that custom result
  • An ordered list of items and/or filters to show as results’ list
  • An optional list of items to exclude from the base results
  • A display mode to specify if only the selected results should be shown or also append other results

A detailed Description

At the Custom Results section of your Doofinder Control Panel, you will find a list of the custom results you have created before. If it is your first time just create a new one by clicking the green button Add New

Once you are at the configuration page of one custom Result, you will see some fields to set:

Custom Result Name

Define a name to identify this custom result among others when you have created more than one


This Checkbox is useful to disable the custom result anytime without removing it so you can re-enable it later

Search Terms

This will allow you to type and add multiple terms that will trigger this custom results. This means that whenever a user types one of this terms, the result will be the items list defined for this Custom Result.

Terms can be set in two ways:

  • Exact Match: This Custom Result will be shown if the user types EXACTLY this search term
  • Broad Match: This Custom Result will be shown if the text typed by the user CONTAINS this search term

Included Items

Here you specify which items will contain the result set. Items and order will be the one shown in the right list. For building the list you can use two tools:


You use your own Search Engine to find items from your index and add them to the right side


You can use a filter criteria to find the relevant items you want to add to your list. (ie. all items where brand field is adidas

Excluded Items

You can specify items that you want to remove from the results set. Here you can use the same schema to add items or filters to the list of excluded results as used with the Included Items.

Lets say you want to customize the results when clients search for iphone by removing items that are phone covers, then you would just add a filter to exclude all items where field category is accesories

Display Mode

This last option allows you to choose between showing only the list defined above or also include afterwards the regular results for that search terms if the Custom Result wouldn’t exist.

Now you are ready to make your own marketing campaign and promote those items you want to sale the most.