You can make your users to be automatically redirected to some other URL when they type specific search terms when using Doofinder layers.

The Redirections List

It is possible to immediately redirect some user to a different page when it types a previously configured search term. To configure Redirections, go to Search Engines, choose one from the list and then navigate to the Redirections tab.

At the Redirections section, you will find a green button to Add New Redirections to your Search Engine. You will also see a table listing your previously created redirections. The table has four columns:

  1. Name: A custom name to identify each redirection.
  2. Terms: The terms that trigger each redirection.
  3. Executions: How many times each redirection has been executed.
  4. Status: Whether or not this redirection is active or disabled.

Add/Edit Redirections

You can add new Redirections by clicking the green button over the banners list or edit any previously created Redirection by clicking over it at the redirections list. In both cases, you will be taken to a Redirection configuration form.

Basic Options

The basic options for all Redirections are

  • Name: A name to identify this redirection among others on listing
  • Enable: A checkbox to easily disable this redirection without removing it

Search Terms

This will allow you to type and add multiple terms that will trigger this Redirection. This means that whenever a user types one of this terms, she will be automatically redirected to a target URL.

Terms can be set in two ways:

  • Exact Match: This redirection will be triggered if the user types EXACTLY this search term.
  • Broad Match: This redirection will be triggered if the text typed by the user CONTAINS this search term.


  • Target URL: This is the URL the user will be redirected to when the redirection is triggered.

Notice: Remember to save by clicking the Save button to keep your changes.

Now you can, for example, redirect users to your special offers page when they type discounts.

Give it a try!