What is a Suggestion?

A suggestion is an idea that is proposed for consideration. So this is what Doofinder does for your customers, we show them other suitable options to consider also available in your shop.

Suggestions bring highly relevant suggestive search results while the user is typing, providing a better customer experience, as users can type less and find what they are looking for more quickly, which is really useful on mobile devices. Platforms such as Google offer suggestions in their search engine, so users expect to see them in their search box.

How do Suggestions work?

Suggestions are based on the indexed data feed and are processed once a week. The Suggestion index is based on 3 different attributes:

  • Title: only the most relevant and frequently occurring terms will be considered.
  • Brand: all indexed brands will be added to the suggestion index.
  • Categories: all indexed categories will be added to the suggestion index.

Taking the attribute ‘Title’ into account, Doofinder will generate word combinations. These assembled sets of terms will become suggestions. Brands and categories are always inserted as they are.

When the user clicks on one of those suggestions, the results in the layer will change to that suggestion results.

How to activate Suggestions?

Once the add-on is subscribed, you can access the suggestions’ menu in your admin control panel. In there, you can enable this feature and configure its options:

Custom Suggestions

These terms will always be available as suggestions, but they do not have any priority over other suggestions. Custom Suggestions will be added to the suggestion index and Doofinder will show the most relevant ones. You can add them, individually separated by commas, or uploading a txt file with them.

Blacklist of Search terms

Prevent the blacklisted terms to being displayed as suggestion. Please note that indexed brands and categories cannot be blacklisted.

This extra feature requires V7 or higher layer version. If you’re using an older one, you need to update it.

Should you encounter any problems, please contact support@doofinder.com

Last updated: Dec 2021