Under your Doofinder account, you have the option to create and manage users or ‘Team Members‘, as we like to call them, who will have a predefined role and access to your account.

How to create and cancel a team member

To create a new user for your account, fill in the email field and choose one of the available roles. Pressing the ‘Add button will send to that address an email invitation link. After the user has signed up, they can start using the Admin panel with the chosen restrictions.

If after that, you wish to alter the role of an existing user, just select a new one, and it will be applied on their next login. You can resend the invitation or cancel it by clicking on the corresponding buttons. Should you wish to revoke access to that account, press the Delete member button and that will delete the user completely.


Doofinder provides three types of roles, with different areas of access. Please note that only the owner of the account can modify the team members, and none of the users created here can be granted such permission.

  1. Administrator: This role has full access to the account except the Team tab.
  2. Billing: This role has only access to the Account section, and is able to pay bills, change plans and see invoices.
  3. Manager: This role can create and manage search engines and their configuration, in which is authorized, but they cannot access the Account and billing information


Once logged, in Profile section of your admin panel, you can check the notifications you want to receive, depending on your role.

You are ready to create users for your team to help you on your management of your product!

Should you encounter any problems, please contact support@doofinder.com

Last Updated: Dec 2021