My feed is not indexing correctly

You are probably missing the security hash.

To fix it, go to the plugin configuration in your Prestashop account and check the feed URL:

Copy and paste the link to your Doofinder control panel and reindex by selecting the Process Now button.

The search results page isn’t returning Doofinder results

Here you’ll need to check that the API key is configured and that the API’s internal search is active.

 This check is only for V7 version. If you are using the Live Layer, it does not apply.

Note: Embedded search and API internal search are not compatible.

If it still is not working, check that the plugin is hooked in the productSearchProvider:

I can’t see the Doofinder layer on my site

Check that the plugin is hooked either in the Header or Footer of your Prestashop theme.

V7 version

Check that the hash ID is correctly configured.

You can find hash ID here:

Live Layer

Check that the Installation ID is correctly configured.

You can find Installation ID here:

Should you encounter any problems, please do not hesitate to contact us through

Las updated: Jan 2022