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En sökmotor skräddarsydd för de stora

Att välja en kraftfull sökmotor för din webbplats är ett viktigt beslut. Med Doofinder PRO får du en exklusiv och personlig service. Vårt team finns tillgänglig för att hjälpa dig. Upptäck fördelarna med att vara PRO kund.


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  • Non-Stop Service
  • Extra Features included
Head made with neuronal networks AI Artificial Intelligence for your Business +info

Våra konsulter hjälper dig att optimera din webbplats sökprocess kontinuerligt.

Premium Support to adapt our technology to the the look and feel and UX needs of your company.

Enterprise customers can access Doofinder's product Roadmap and they are the first ones to enjoy them.

Du får direkt tillgång till vårt utvecklingsteam. Felsökning 24x7.

Control your data with the several levels of security with Doofinder Enterprise. Assign different access permissions to your team. Set which domains you want to use with Doofinder or whether you prefer integrating external applications with passwords.

Our team of engineers constantly monitor our infrastructure in the cloud, reaching a monthly service level of 99.99%.

  • Joan Pijuan
    eCommerce Manager from Mainada Kids

    The integration of Doofinder was simple and we saw results immediately.

    The searches alone have increased by 250% and the dropout rate has decreased by 27%.

    Besides showing the quality of the products, it also increased the page visits, which has been reflected in the sale and we now sell products that previously customers could not find.

    Raquel Cortázar
    Marketing Manager from FitnessDigital.com

    Our experience with Doofinder has been a very positive one. We already knew the advantages of a powerful internal search engine, but we were surprised by how much it improved the user experience.

    I would like to highlight the dedication and care we have received from the whole team at Doofinder. Whatever doubt or problem, it was resolved in a day. Magnificent support.

  • Javier García
    CEO from Quieru.com

    In the world of eCommerce it is essential to have a good predictive search.

    We have spent several years working with the Doofinder technology and the results have been very good. The user-level response and increased sales is immediate.

    On a technological level, the Doofinder integration is simple and the speed of the search engine is instant like Google.

    It is a must have in our beauty marketplace.

    Alejandro Soro
    CEO from Teleadhesivo.com

    Doofinder is incredibly effective, the conversion rate of those who use it has increased by 25% generating an increase of 32% in revenue.

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