Doofinder A.I.

Display personalised search results based on the behaviour and preferences of each of your users.

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How does the personalised search work?

Doofinder AI learns in real time.

Increase your conversion and sales with personalised results

1to1 Search Experience:
We have different preferences. Brands, colours, prices...

Doofinder AI analyses all the "soft and hard facts" about the user's behaviour in real time, in order to adapt the results at all times.

The result:

  • Personalised service
  • Satisfied customers
  • More conversions

"We Have been using Doofinder for more than 3 years now. After thoroughly evaluating several solutions, Doofinder topped the list and made it back on our new Store. Especially in our industry, there are special demands on the search. The Doofinder algorithm delivers better results out of the box than other search solutions. The new voice search for mobile devices is also very cool. Doofinder is crucial for our online strategy. "

Jens K.
Online Shop Manager at

The bottom line: Tracking

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  1. Eye Tracking
  2. Click Tracking
  3. Shopping Baskets
  4. Sales

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