The Statistics section of your Doofinder Admin Panel is where you find data about all your search engine metrics within a period of time. This is where you can view the metrics on the number of searches, the top clicked products, new opportunities and so on. 

To see your statistics, go to your Doofinder Admin Panel > Analyze > Stats.

Interpreting the Charts

As you have seen in the Stats section, there are three half doughnut charts with information about searches, click-through rate and conversion rate. 

Right below the half-doughnut charts is a line chart that shows the evolution of time of the doughnut charts.


The Searches chart shows the number of searches resolved by your search engine in a given period. This also shows a percentage change between a given period and the same past period.

Click-through Rate

The Click-through rate is the proportion between the number of clicks on the results and the number of searches performed. This chart shows the ratio of clicked products from all searches and a change per cent between the given period and the same past period.

Conversion Rate

The Conversion rate chart shows the searches ratio that reaches a certain goal (usually, a sale after searching with Doofinder). This metric has the same data as the previous metrics. The Conversion Rate Configuration article provides further information on this.

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Last Updated: August 2021