Doofinder “Live-Layer”: Revolutionize your eCommerce search experience

Today we want to show you the functionalities of the new “Live-Layer, which we are sure will improve the performance of your eCommerce as soon as you configure.

With this new search layer you can enjoy the following features:

  • Popular searches: Make life easier for your customers by showing the most common searches.
  • Recommended Products: Display the most clicked products to your customers before starting the search.
  • Search suggestions:  Based on your product catalog and learning, suggest searches as your users type.
  • Speed: Provides better response times.
  • Intelligent:  Thanks to the technology provided by artificial intelligence, it shows even more relevant results.
  • Voice search: Incorporates voice search on mobile and desktop for your eCommerce.

In the image below you can see an example of our customer Cecotec. Clicking the search box will activate the search layer in a full screen format.

What new or different things about the other layer types does this new “Live-layer“?

This first step that happens when the layer is activated has a clear objective: to shorten the process of buying your customers and make life easier, trying from the first moment to make a purchase with the least number of clicks possible.

Now let’s do a search. For example, we write “robot”.

Results will be instantly displayed each time you type a letter. As you can see in the image, in the same search box we already suggest a text that is a product (vacuum cleaner with mapping). In addition, in the area below you will see search suggestions, which you can proactively create based on the catalog and other customer searches on your eCommerce.

In the area on the left you can see facets, such as prices or categories and, as with any of our layers, you can always show the facets or filters you want in this area.

And finally, we added voice search on the desktop version, which we previously had only on mobile. Simply by clicking on the microphone icon you can perform voice searches on your eCommerce.

If you close all this and click again in the search box, notice that the system saves the last searches that have been made. Before we had only popular searches and recommended products, now we also have the latest searches made. This is very useful, because if a customer enters the next day or after two days (not everyone buys on the first visit they make on an eCommerce), we remind you of the previous searches, in order to help you in the purchase process.

Now let’s see the experience in the mobile version.

Here we have, as we saw before, the latest searches and popular searches:

If we write, we will see the autocompletion feature, the suggestions as in the desktop version and a speed of response to searches unbeatable.

If you want to configure the live layer you have the necessary documentation in our support section.

We hope that this new interface will help you to improve the results in your online store, for any consultation or assistance in the implementation, do not hesitate to contact our support team.