To begin the installation process, ensure that you have the WooCommerce plugin already running on your website. 


  1. In WooCommerce, navigate to the Plugins > Add New section and search for the Doofinder for WooCommerce plugin. 
  1. Install and activate the Plugin.
  2. Then, head on to WooCommerce > Settings > Doofinder Search to proceed with a few other necessary configurations.
  1. Under the Doofinder Search tab, hit the Setup Wizard button to begin the configuration.You will be prompted to Sign up or Login depending on whether you have a Doofinder account or not. Ensure you have one before proceeding.
  1. WooCommerce will automatically connect to Doofinder, index your products and even create the layer that embeds Doofinder’s search.

To install the extension you can go to the Plugins > Add New menu, search the extension in the WordPress Plugin Directory and choose Install Now. You will find the plugin in the official WordPress plugins repository.

  1. Upon completing these basic configurations, Doofinder should be installed and running on your site. From there, you can proceed with other manual configurations.

Further configuration

There are a few other manual configurations that you can also include on your site, such as the following:

  1. While still under the Doofinder search tab, there are four other sub-tabs: Search Data, Indexing and Log. Under the Search, sub-tab confirm that the Internal Search and Doofinder Layer checkboxes are checked. Enable Banner is optional.
  1. Under the Doofinder Search > Data sub-tab, you may select whether to Export product prices, Export Product tags, Split variable products and so on. The data is indexed through the API.

Note: By ticking the Split Variable Products checkbox, the plugin will index all the variations.

  1. Next, under Doofinder Search > Indexing sub-tab, you can push the catalogue re-indexing simply by pressing Reindex All. Alternatively, Doofinder will index in real-time.

⚠️ Warning: Make sure to read the warning note before reindexing.

Once completed, you can proceed with other Doofinder-specific configuration and customisation to your preference.

Should you encounter any problems, please contact

Last Updated: May 2021