Does my online shop need a blog? 3 reasons why you should have one


We are in the midst of a “ blog fever ”. Before it seemed like only the minority had them, but just like with social networks, it seems that if your company does not have a blog, they simply do not exist or are throwing money away. Is that true? Is it really 100% necessary for an online shop to have a blog? And if so, what exactly are the motives behind a shop needing a blog? The answers to all of these questions are here in this article. If you are on the fence about whether or not to create a blog for your online shop, you have come to the right place.

Is having a blog imperative?

The answer is a very clear: no. An online shop can work perfectly fine without a blog. In fact, there are many relatively well known shops without blogs. Yet we must keep in mind the situation of the large majority of people that create an online shop on a tight budget and can’t afford to invest so much in services like Google Shopping or Facebook Ads , amongst others. Are you one of them? If so, you have a problem: your online shop is not going to attract visitors. Without an advertising budget, without a blog, or without a real time investment and strong effort with social media, it will be nearly impossible for you to sell anything. And that’s exactly where we see the only possible option: a blog. It’s a site with which you can generate “free” traffic (so long as it’s run 100% by you), in a much more natural way than with ads and that consists of visitors who are actually interested in your products. Does that mean that you shouldn’t create a blog if you do in fact have advertising funds? Of course not. A blog is a great tool for generating quality traffic and for showing off your products in a less commercial way. Let me help you understand it with an example. Imagine that the winter season is around the corner and you have a shop that sells boots. You write a huge article with 50 different clothes and boots combinations for the season, in which of course you include a large selection of your winter boots catalogue. The traffic that you generate is “spontaneous” and without selling anything, you will be showing your products to a large quantity of people, depending on how well you get your article out there. You will generate sales through that post, and if things go well, the process will “only” have cost you a bit of time.

Reasons for your online shop to have a blog

The reasons are countless, but we don’t want to bore you with the specifics for each certain sector. We will give you three reasons why any online shop should have a blog.

1. It builds confidence

A blog has the ability to make any possible cliente see your store as something with more of a “human component”. If you can put a bit of yourself into the posts themselves, explain how you work, add some photos, videos or other media, then you will really be putting a face to your company’s name . When we buy online, there is a certain lack of confidence because, at the end of the day, we are buying over the Internet, without actually seeing the other side. Putting a face to your shop will help to ease that tension and convert more visits into sales.

2. It’s educational

Any shop, whatever products it may have, should certainly help its clients make the most of them. It doesn’t matter if you sell shaving razors, personalized ties, or toys. You need to explain all the great things that your visitors can get out of these products. You can do it with a blog: tutorials, video guides, assembly instructions, possible clothing combinations, reviews from customers who have used the products, etc. A blog is a great tool for reminding all of those indecisive shoppers, “ hey, look what you are missing out on by not buying this ”. And we know that one of the most powerful feelings in human beings is necessity. If you make a post with your product doing something that your target audience longs to do, you will increase their feeling of needing that product. And what comes after creating the need? The sale.

3. It increases your organic reach

SEO is a fundamental pillar to helping spread and circulate your online shop. Are you going to waste those hundreds of keywords waiting for you on Google simply by not writing their corresponding articles? Unless your shop releases new products each week, it will have a limited number of products at any given time. If you want to reach more people and you don’t have new products to talk about, you will have to create a different type of content in the form of articles. In doing so, along with proper SEO, social network use and any other type of diffusion, you will start to reach more and more people.

So, have we convinced you?

I hope that we have been able to convince you that there are only advantages to creating a blog for an online shop. Do you already have one for your shop? Have you thought about creating one? Leave a comment and we would be happy to help with ideas for your current or future blog.