5 tricks to begin selling from the very first day with your E-commerce


Is your online shop’s launch approaching fast and are you scared of not selling anything? The truth is that every business is difficult at the start. The number of competitors on the net is atrocious and being visible without spending any money on advertisements is no easy task. Does this mean that it’s going to take you months before getting your first sale? Not at all. In today’s article, we are going to explain 5 strategies to sell from the first day. Or even better, to start selling even before day one. Let’s sell! 

1. Add Instagram to your product cards

The potential of Instagram to promote our businesses is growing like a wildfire. It’s not just us saying it, it’s the data. According to Forrester , brand engagement with this social network is 10 times higher than with Facebook and 54 times higher than with Pinterest. Another fact, this time according to Web Index , is that one third of Instagram users have used their phone to buy a product online. This means that they are 70% more likely to buy than those who are not on Instagram. So, how can you use Instagram to raise your sales? Create a campaign through which you offer a price to people who take a picture with your product and upload it to Instagram. All these pictures will be social proof when added to your product cards. For someone who is interested in your product, seeing someone else using it is another motivator towards buying it.

2. Email marketing

It is unbelievable that the effectiveness of email marketing can be doubted when the data is so irrefutable: email marketing has arou nd 3,800% ROI . Email is a perfect communication channel to start a conversation with your clients and foster their loyalty. That is why it is so important to have subscription forms ready to be filled out from day one. Even before launching your online shop. A really useful email marketing strategy is to send out a reminder email to those who have abandoned their carts. Release your internal copywriter and show your clients all the benefits that make your products irresistible.

3. Foster trust

It is often said that the key for Internet selling is trust, and it couldn’t be more true. One of your main goals should always be that your shop emits trust and professionalism to your clients. In order to do so, you can use these three strategies:

  • Online chat: people love to have all the possible communication channels available to ask their questions. Besides, it always shows professionalism.
  • Use a Trust Mark: apply for the online Trustmark certificate . It is a well known mark that will give your clients added confidence.
  • Create a blog: a good quality content strategy that will raise your standings and will raise your products’ value.

Gaining your clients’ trust is the first step toward fostering their loyalty so that they start buying repeatedly.

4. Have a pre-sale

In order to start selling from day one, a very useful strategy is to have a pre-sale. If you are already getting subscribers even before the launch, you can offer them prior access to a product with a special discount. If you haven’t got a subscribers list yet, you can still offer the same thing through social networks. Besides being a way of getting sales from the first day, it is a method to foster the loyalty of those people who make purchases. This strategy can be used every time you launch a new product or collection.

5. Help them find what they’re looking for

Perhaps this point seems a bit obvious, but it really isn’t so much. We are referring to working on the user experience of your website so that it’s easy for anyone and everyone to find your products. Though you may not believe it, when you run an online shop with many different types of products, it’s easy to end up with a complex web architecture. Always follow one basic rule: “the fewer clicks a user has to make, the better”. Besides the architecture, incorporate widgets with all the different category products or the most sold items. Another option to help the user find what they are looking for quickly is the incorporate an internal search engine like the one from Doofinder.

It is all about being helpful to the client and, at the same time, encouraging interaction with your shop. And don’t forget that you will also be improving your web positioning when you reduce your bounce rate .

Do you have another idea for selling online? Share it with us!

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