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«An enjoyable Shopping Experience»

ThePowerSite is an ecommerce website specialising in power equipment. We stock a wide range Generators, Garden Machinery, Pressure Washers, Power Tools, Water Pumps, Construction Equipment, Engines & Air Compressors.

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«We had a couple of
bespoke requirements which Doofinder handled seamlessly»

The Mobile solution: With Mobile Commerce continually
growing, provide your customers with relevant and well displayed result.

The Problem

“The way we shop has dramatically changed and with most customers shopping online and on mobiles it is important that our website provides an enjoyable yet easy shopping experience. Without the ability to search the customer cannot find what they are looking for or discover new products. We are continually improving the website experience to ensure we see a enjoyable shopping experience that results in a healthy R.O.I.”

The Doofinder Solution

“The Doofinder search feature allows our customers to find the product they are looking for more easily and refine their search by brand, price and by product or accessory. The out the box Magento search was always a bit clunky. With Doofinder, we have a custom algorithm. This allows us the control we were looking for over the search results in order to list by brand, separate products and accessories and
ensure products are weighted above accessories”

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Control over your search results, allowing you to order them how you want.



Since starting with the Doofinder search we now have an increase of 65% in customers using the search bar


A 5 minute

The power of the ElasticSearch engine, without any technical hassle and with a quick  configuration accessible to all!



They search. They find.
You sell.

Doofinder enhances the onsite search engine of over 10,000 ecommerce sites, why not yours? Try it for free for 30 days



“With Doofinder, searching on ThePowerSite has improved our customer experience enormously. Now we have peace of mind our customers are finding the right product faster and with ease”

Luke Williams Founder & Sales Director, Justmylook.com

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