Add product/article rating to the layer

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How to show rating values for your products or articles in Doofinder Layer.

Rating Example

Add rating data to the data feed

To have rating in your layer, you need to provide rating data in your data feed.

The rating field should be a integer or float field with a value between 0 and 5, any other value outside from this range may be show unexpected results.

Configure mapping

To configure mapping you need to click on feed settings button to show custom fields mapping for your data feed.

Mapping button

To proceed with the mapping, you need to click on + Add new rule button (1), enter the field name df_rating in Normalized Field Name column (2) and enter your feed field wich contains the rating value in the Field Aliases column (3). After this, press Save changes button (4) to save the mapping.

Mapping form

When you has your settings saved, you need to click on Process now button.

Notice: If your feed not contains a field with rating, you must add them and click on Process now button to have the field in Doofinder before configure the rating mapping.