Want to improve your time management? Here are 14 productivity tools to make each minute worth 3


You finish your day and you’re dead because you haven’t stopped for a single minute. However, when you think about everything you’ve done…you feel as if you haven’t accomplished anything.

You still have a long list of tasks to be done and despite having worked all day, you don’t know what you’ve done with all your time.

Sound familiar?

This is more common than you may think, especially among workers in the online sector. That ‘ToDo List’ never seems to get any shorter, right?

That’s why it’s so essential for every entrepreneur to improve their time management.

But how?

With apps and software tools that allow you to organize yourself in a productive way. And the best thing is that we’ve already selected the best ones in this post, so you don’t have to waste a single minute searching online.

Ready to get a whole lot more out of your day?

Then don’t miss today’s post because it’s going to be incredibly helpful.

The importance of managing your time

When we talked about how to improve productivity when managing your online shop, we mentioned that being more productive helps you both personally (by decreasing your stress), and professionally.

Being productive lets you do more in less time so that you can spend more time working on the most profitable aspects of your business.

More time and more money – nothing but advantages. 😉

The 14 best tools to manage your time and be super productive

Being productive begins with identifying the tasks on which you are “wasting” the most time.

If you know where you need to improve your time management, it’ll be easier to implement solutions.

To facilitate that process, we’ve created a list of the best management tools from 2019, classified as follows:

  1. Tools to efficiently manage your time.
  2. Tools to organize different tasks (with or without a work team).
  3. Tools to program your social media posts.
  4. Tools to simplify client and supplier management.
  5. Tools to help you focus each day.

Let’s go through them one by one.

A. Tools to efficiently manage your time

The first step to being more productive is to organize your time both efficiently and realistically.

It’s useless to note down tons of tasks in the most powerful app that you may find if you’re not actually going to have time to do even half.

You need to be realistic about the time you actually have and the time it takes you to do each task. That’s the only way to avoid distractions and having your tasks pile up.

Now, let’s see the best tools to jot down what you have to do so you can create your daily plan without any problems.

1. Google Calendar

Essential since it’s everywhere – it’s accessible and easy to use (and it’s free).

If you have a Gmail account (which is almost impossible to avoid), you likely already have Calendar installed on your PC, smartphone, or any other mobile device you may use.

>> Click here to go to Google Calendar.

2. Toggl

To find out how long each task takes you, the only option is to measure it.

Toggl measures the time you spend doing each activity. You just need to set your tasks and remember to start the counter when you start (and stop it when you finish).

Tip: Don’t get scared when you see the real times your first time using it. You’ll see that you spend a lot longer than you previously thought.

>> Click here to go to Toggl.

3. Rescue Time

Similar to Toggl, but automatic. It’s an app that you can install on your PC, search engine, and mobile phone that records the websites, software, and apps you use.

Then they send you an email (daily, weekly, or monthly – as you wish) to tell you the percentage of time that you’ve been productive (according to the parameters you decide on when setting it up).

>> Click here to go to Rescue Time.

B. Tools to organize different tasks (with or without a work team)

Now that you know how to organize your time, it’s time to think about real work.

It’s about knowing at a glance which tasks you need to do each day, week, or month and organizing them in the most efficient way possible.

4. Trello

An easy-to-use classic among project management tools. Trello is organized as a board full of post-its that you can create, move, and break into smaller tasks.

It’s perfect if you work with a team of people because you can add members to each board or task individually.

>> Click here to go to Trello.

5. Remember the milk

Another organizing tool. The goal is for you to note down each task as if you were making a shopping list.

You have the option of adding tasks from Google Calendar, Twitter, or even from your email account and sharing them with your team.

>> Click here to go to Remember the milk.

C. Tools to program your social media posts

Social networks are an essential customer service channel for every ecommerce, but they can also become a black hole where things get lost.

It’s better to spend a day planning all of your week’s (or even month’s) posts and then forgetting about it.

6. Hootsuite

Easy to use, with a free version that lets you manage profiles from three social networks and program up to 30 posts.

Tip: Don’t even think about the paid version – the free one is more than enough.

That’s especially true because of one of its functions: you can answer comments from followers on different social networks from the Hootsuite panel without having to log in to each of them.

>> Click here to go to Hootsuite.

7. Social Bee

This one is also good for managing social networks. The only bad thing is that you have to pay for it, but its functions are worth it.

With this tool, you can program posts and it notifies you if something goes wrong or if there are any configuration errors.

It also lets you share the same content as many times as you want and it supports any type of post from blog posts to client testimonies.

>> Click here to go to Social Bee.

8. Unfold

You can’t ignore the power of Instagram Stories for your ecommerce because they’re the craze right now.

We talked about them in a different post and we mentioned that with Unfold you can quickly and easily create professional-quality videos.

It’s something like Canva for videos: easy, accessible, and fast.

>> Click here to go to Unfold.

D. Tools to simplify client and supplier management

Every online business owner likes making sales, but all the paperwork can be a real nightmare.

  • Invoicing
  • Collecting client details
  • Checking payments
  • Legal issues
  • Tax declarations

All those tasks are essential, but they can take a long time. Luckily, you have several tools to simplify them.

9. Quaderno

Each time you sell something, Quaderno automatically generates an invoice or receipt without you doing anything.

In addition, it works perfectly well with PayPal and Stripe (payment platforms) and provides the reports you’ll need to pay your taxes.

And one more thing – you can try it for free.

>> Click here to go to Quaderno.

10. Stripe

If you don’t feel like using PayPal but need a secure, reliable, and easy payment method, you need Stripe.

It’s designed to integrate with any ecommerce platform and provides all the security guarantees.

The price depends on your ecommerce shop and the payment options that you offer.

>> Click here to go to Stripe.

11. You Can Book Me

Do you need to plan meetings with your suppliers, clients, or team?

Managing the calendars of more than two people may be a nightmare and often requires a neverending chain of emails and calls.

With this tool, you create a calendar with available hours for each meeting and everybody selects the time and date that suits them. In addition, you can sync it to your Google Calendar.

As easy as it gets.

>> Click here to go to You Can Book Me.

E. Tools to help you focus each day

When you have an online business, there’s never enough help.

That’s why we’ve also looked for apps that, apart from affecting your productivity, also improve your mood, which is a key factor for your ecommerce to keep working.

12. Focusatwill

Music selected by psychologists to help you stay focused depending on the task that you have to do and your way of working.

Work at your pace with your brain wide awake.

>> Click here to go to Focusatwill

13. Evernote

Don’t miss out on your inspiration.

With Evernote, you can save anything you find in the cloud, scan documents, write notes, and organize your tasks easily.

>> Click here to go to Evernote.

14. Coach Me

Do you need some help staying motivated?

Get your own coach on your phone with this tool. It’ll help you focus on your goals.

>> Click here to go to Coach Me.

Improve your time management with the tool that best suits you.

Almost all of the tools we’ve presented have a free version or a free trial period.

Therefore, you have no excuse not to improve your time management and increase your productivity.

Take advantage of all the hours in a day and keep calm – there’s no need to live stressed. 😉